post in a sentence

Post this letter.

We put the letter in an envelope and post it.

He recommended me to his officer for the post of a clerk.

We post content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

I am a post graduate in English literature.

Send your application by registered post.

I am eligible for this post.

The hordes of unemployed youth wander from pillar to post in search of jobs.

The dog was chained to a post.

May you recommend her name for this post ?

He resigned his post because he was unfairly treated.

My house is near the post office.

He writes a post card to his father.

He went towards the post office.

Did you bring my letters from the post office ?

You should post this letter.

Who will post this letter for me?

I will meet you at the post office.

He resigned the post of his own accord.

The police sent the corpse for post mortem.

Take this letter and post it.

You are ordered to post this letter.

Will you post this letter for me ?

What post do you hold ?

Did you post my letter?

Why have you resigned from your post ?

Did I not give you the letter to post ?

Please post this letter.

His father was a clerk in a post office.

He has gone to post it.

The post office is contiguous to our college.

Please, post the letter.

He moved from pillar to post in search for food.

He had resigned from his post before joining here.

I have resigned from my post about a month ago.

His house is opposite to the post office.

We have to run from pillar to post for earning our bread and butter.

Do you have any letters to post ?

Choose a post for which you are suitable.

Will you post the letter ?

May you recommend her name for this post ?

My shop is next to the post office.

Could you post this letter for me?

We’re looking for a post office.

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