possible in a sentence

A helping hand and a steel heart can only make the peace possible in the modern world.

Telephones have made it possible to talk to anyone within seconds.

Having knowledge about everything is not possible.

I will help you in any possible way.

Whatever achievements you have heard of, or read about become possible because of an aim, backed up by positive thinking.

Everything is possible if serious efforts are put in to achieve our goals.

Without hard work and intelligence, success in not possible in any profession.

Parents should devote maximum possible time to their children.

Is it possible to sharper the memory.

Try to be as self-dependent as possible.

When would it be possible for you to meet me?

Is It Possible To Buy Happiness?

Keep your cell phones as far as possible from your bodies.

Intestinal worms in toddlers can be present due to many possible reasons.

Avoid plastic as much as possible.

How is it possible?

What made these horrors possible?

This is possible with simple home remedies.

Is it possible to know everything?

Is it possible for a human being to be perfect?

Is it possible to live without money?

This is not possible.

That is not possible.

I shall go as soon as it is possible.

E-mail makes it possible to communicate with people instantly at any time of day.

This is possible.

The social network sites on the internet have made it possible for the youth to have the widest circle of friends.

He runs as fast as possible.

What has mineral oil made possible for us?

Do you think it is possible to end corruption?

It is not possible to finish the work in a week.

It is not possible to reach there by car.

As far as possible this will be avoided.

It is not possible to cater to your silly needs.

I want to carry out his instructions as well as possible.

It is not possible to get along with such a bore person.

It is not possible to stand in the sun.

I will talk to him as soon as possible.

I have tried to make it as literal as possible.

I hope to hear from you regarding this matter as soon as possible.

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