popular in a sentence

  1. Tulips are popular in Kashmir.
  2. She is very popular with all her colleagues.
  3. He became one of the most popular leaders of the world.
  4. He was a very popular man.
  5. Advertisements are popular with every age-group.
  6. Television is one of the most popular means of audio-visual communication.
  7. Our headmaster is popular with the people.
  8. Cricket is one of the most popular games in India.
  9. That film is based on a popular game.
  10. He is popular for his liberty and unselfishness.
  11. This park is very popular place of our city.
  12. He was very popular with children.
  13. The news of his death spread like wildfire as he was a very popular social worker.
  14. I am very popular in the colony.
  15. Draughts is a popular game.
  16. I have become very popular in the school on account of music.
  17. He is very popular amongst his colleagues.
  18. He is a very popular figure.
  19. Some of my poems were published in popular magazines.
  20. He is popular with everybody.
  21. Vodka is very popular in Russia.
  22. He is very popular with his employees.
  23. It’s a popular dish in this country.
  24. Indian classical music is now popular in the west.
  25. Why is Soccer so popular around the world?
  26. The Hindustan Times is a popular newspaper.
  27. He is one of the best and most popular teachers of our school.
  28. He is very popular with his students.
  29. His plays are popular.
  30. Our Principal is very popular.
  31. It is very popular and shining.
  32. He is a popular film hero.
  33. He is one of the most popular singers of the time.
  34. Hamlet is a popular work by Shakespeare.
  35. His engaging personality made him popular with his peers.
  36. He is not popular with his classmates.
  37. This book is popular and is selling like hot cakes.
  38. He is a very popular leader and receives good wishes from people all over the world on his birthday every year.
  39. He is popular for his jocularity in the company of his friends.
  40. He is popular in this class.
  41. It will always remain popular.
  42. The ease in swiping a credit card for a purchase has made it very popular nowadays.
  43. This is a popular tourist destination.
  44. He is very popular with the students.
  45. Rice is the most popular food item of India.
  46. He is popular with men and women because of his personality.
  47. It is a popular source of amusement.
  48. This is a song which is popular now.
  49. Arabian Nights is a popular book.
  50. Cricket has become a very popular game in our country.
  51. He is very popular among students.
  52. Painting is a popular hobby.
  53. Astrology and astronomy were quite popular in ancient India.
  54. The book became so popular that all the published copies were sold out on the very first day.
  55. He is very popular with children.
  56. He is popular with his classmates.
  57. It is the most popular game these days.
  58. He is very popular with his students.
  59. Nehru was more popular than any other leader of his time .
  60. He is popular among his colleagues.
  61. She has always been a popular actress.
  62. I bought several cassettes of the popular singers.
  63. This is a popular artist.
  64. Fishing is popular in coastal areas.
  65. He is very popular amongst us.
  66. He is very popular among the students.
  67. It was a popular movie of its times.
  68. This teacher is very popular with his students.
  69. he was very popular among his students.
  70. Television is the most popular form of entertainment.
  71. His sister is a popular TV personality.
  72. He is popular with the people at large.
  73. He isn’t as popular as he used to be.
  74. He is one of the most popular students in the class.
  75. His songs were very popular with young people.
  76. He is popular with everybody.
  77. He is popular with his men.
  78. He likes to sing popular songs.
  79. He is very popular among the boys.
  80. Tennis is very popular among students.
  81. He was a very popular man.
  82. This book is popular and is selling like hot cakes.
  83. Gardening is a popular hobby.
  84. He was a popular film hero.
  85. He is the most popular leader in the area.
  86. He is a popular teacher.
  87. He is popular with his class-fellows.
  88. He is very popular with his students.
  89. Cricket is a very popular game in India.
  90. Cricket is one of the most popular games in India.
  91. She reads popular novels.
  92. Dahlia is one of the most popular flowers grown in India during winter.
  93. Malabar fish curry is one of the most popular fish recipes of Kerala.
  94. Getting your belly button pierced is one of the most fashionable and popular body art.
  95. He is popular among us.
  96. He is very popular because he is a good singer.
  97. He was an example of a popular athlete in his days.
  98. Organic vegetables are popular because they’re safe and tasty.
  99. What is popular now?

Synonyms of Popular


  • Wind power can be another attractive and promising source of energy in India.
  • I want to make the room more attractive by using colors.
  • They pull the customers through attractive displays and schemes and as a result customers end up buying more than they need.
  • She is such an attractive and graceful lady as I respect.
  • A woman with long, attractive legs always catches more attention.
  • It’s an attractive price
  • Who is more attractive among the both?


  • The Ganga is the river of India, beloved of her people.
  • This is a perfect way to lock your beloved closer to your heart!
  • Today I’m going to take my beloved car to the car wash.
  • She is beloved by everyone.
  • His wife died leaving behind their two beloved children.


  • Our country is a land of many gods who are widely worshiped and celebrated in the whole of the country.
  • Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated by devotees all over in the world.
  • Sweets are an important part of any festival that is celebrated across the world.


  • Nur Jahan was famous for her beauty.
  • In the eyes of the Hindus, Haridwar is a famous place of pilgrimage.
  • Bombay is the famous sea-port of India.
  • Hiuen Tsang, the famous Chinese traveler, visited India in the seventh century.
  • It made him famous throughout the world.
  • Tagore’s most famous work is the Gitanjali.
  • He is one of the most famous singers.
  • He is famous as a novelist and a poet.
  • I would like to become a famous soccer player.


  • She is as fashionable as a film actress.
  • They were fashionable people.
  • It is good to be fashionable but it is not bad, either, to be simple and dignified.
  • This is the most fashionable market of the town.
  • She looks fashionable and trendy in every outfit!
  • She always wears fashionable clothes.


  • The weather favored our travel.
  • I favored the hypothesis.
  • Warm weather favored our picnic.

In Demand

  • This book was so much in demand that it had to be rushed through the press.
  • Good programmers are in great demand.


  • The lovable girl plucked a lovely flower.
  • He has many lovable qualities.
  • He was a lovable person.
  • She has a lovable nature.
  • He is one of a few lovable persons.
  • He has brought a lovable puppy.
  • He is a man with a lovable character.


  • I have noted your complaint about the rent payment receipts.
  • I’ve noted down the message.
  • You noted down the number of the car.
  • He noted down the names and roll numbers of the students.
  • I noted down the main points.
  • I have noted your address in my diary.
  • He is so tired that he cannot walk.
  • He noted some important points in his diary.


  • A band was playing some pleasing western tunes.
  • The sight of the flowers is pleasing to the eyes.
  • His suit is of a pleasing hue.
  • I am a young man with dynamic personality, pleasing managers and convincing power.
  • Instead of offending them, you would be pleasing them by showing personal interest in them.
  • Birds have always evoked interest among human beings because of their colorful feathers and pleasing call or song.
  • Green leaves in a park are pleasing to the eye.
  • I did so with a view to pleasing him.
  • The show was pleasing to the audience.
  • I said so with a view to pleasing him.


  • Dowry System is one of the social evils prevailing in our society.
  • The Municipal authorities should take some immediate steps to improve the prevailing conditions.
  • Bad cold is prevailing throughout the country.


  • Her expression in beautiful English verses made her a prominent figure in literature.
  • He became prominent in his field.
  • This is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu.


  • Make a precis of the following passage and give it a suitable title.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions.
  • He is not suitable for this post.
  • Fill in the blanks with a suitable Verb.


  • Short hair is trendy and comfortable.
  • Take a look at the trendy haircuts for long hair.
  • These trendy hairstyles will spark a new style every time you step out.


In vogue