pollution in a sentence

Various steps have been taken to keep the environment free from pollution.

Pollution is posing a threat to our lives and taking a toll on our health.

We should get our vehicles checked for pollution.

The world is facing the problem of all-round pollution.

Save environment from pollution.

Pollution can be reduced by growing and growing more trees.

Pollution is a great problem these days.

We must give a pollution free environment to the coming generation.

Pollution of the environment is a big problem.

Pollution threatens the world as if it were a demon.

We should take measures to control pollution of air.

Nuclear pollution threatens life more than any other pollution today.

With growing industrialization, the pollution is on the increase.

Clouds of pollution cover the city.

The excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides creates large-scale soil pollution.

People do not get their vehicles checked frequently to make them free from pollution producing carbon particles.

It is time to control pollution.

The increasing noise pollution has a very bad effect on our body and mind.

This has led to a great deal of environmental pollution.

The air was free from pollution.

The increase in pollution has resulted in global warming.

Environmental pollution is the biggest danger to the world these days.

All the nations of the world should behave responsibly to control environmental pollution.

Overpopulation has led to increasing levels of pollution.

The growing air-pollution has become a great problem.

Roadside plantations are one of the great solutions to help in reducing noise pollution.

The Taj is threatened by pollution.

This will reduce pollution all over the world, particularly in urban areas.

All the epidemics diseases and natural calamities are the results of fast growing pollution.

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