poetry in a sentence

I could not make out what those lines of poetry meant.

I prefer reading poetry to prose.

I am fond of poetry.

I read a fine poetry.

Rabindra Nath Tagore had a taste for poetry.

He was inspired by Nature to write poetry.

She composed English poetry with an Indian flavour.

His poetry is not comprehensible to the common reader.

I admire the poetry of John Keats.

Poetry is a very deep subject; it can show feeling and emotion towards something or someone.

She writes good poetry.

I really like poetry.

I am fond of music and poetry.

His poetry has intellectual virtue.

Who is writing poetry?

He writes good poetry.

I am reading the poetry of Keats.

She writes good poetry.

I have a preference for poetry.

He has won his spurs in the field of poetry.

I like reading poetry.

Shelly’s poetry is great.

Beauty inspires a painter to create the poetry of colours on his canvas.

Beautiful objects are a source of inspiration for poets to compose poetry.

Teaching poetry to the block head is like flogging a dead horse.

These are comprehensive notes on poetry.

It is an anthology of poetry.

I am learning a new poetry.

I like reading poetry.

Many people have no taste for poetry.

I am fond of the poetry of Wordsworth.

He has little appreciation of good poetry.

She likes reading poetry.

I enjoy reading poetry.

He has no taste for poetry.

Every man has poetry within him.

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