pleasure in a sentence

I have found pleasure and joy in every piece of my writing.

Reading books is the highest type of pleasure that a man can get before and after his everyday work.

Morning walk gives me a lot of pleasure.

What a pleasure it is to meet you after all these years!

Tourism means the principal of travelling for pleasure.

Some people derive pleasure in giving critical assessment about others.

A visit a hospital does not give us any kind of pleasure.

Learn to find pleasure in every little things.

If you genuine pleasure in life, compare yourself not with others, but with yourself.

What kind of pleasure is derived from the reading of books ?

His greatest pleasure is to sing.

Their presence gives me pleasure and satisfaction.

I felt great pleasure when I topped the list of successful candidates.

The beautiful flowers of different colours give great pleasure to our eyes and mind.

I have great pleasure to introduce him to you.

It was a great mental pleasure to attend this function.

A poor man cannot think of travelling for pleasure and profit.

She participates in picnics and pleasure trips.

Too much work kills the pleasure of holidays.

I derive utmost pleasure from reading.

It gives me immense pleasure to hear from you.

She takes pleasure in entertaining guests.

He takes pleasure in his work.

It was great pleasure talking to you.

It is a pleasure to hear from you.

It was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone.

It gives me great pleasure to be here this evening.

I have immense pleasure in doing it.

He derives pleasure from teasing girls.

I’m happy to have the pleasure of meeting you so soon.

It is a pleasure to see you.

My chief pleasure is writing letters.

Her greatest pleasure is to sing.

She does not like you but takes pleasure in pulling your legs.

Some people get pleasure out of other people’s sufferings.

I was feeling a thrill of pleasure in my heart.

He participates in picnics and pleasure trips.

It is a great pleasure to go on an excursion.

Humour adds innocent pleasure to life and promotes good feelings.

It is my pleasure to welcome you.

A child finds pleasure in playing in the rain, or in the snow.

It gives me pleasure to inform you.

This will give you pleasure as well as a sound physical health.

It will be a great pleasure and fun to have you with us.

Reading for pleasure is quite different from reading under compulsion.

They have no pleasure in their lives.

They derive pleasure out of their games.

It is pleasure to meet a cheerful person.

It would be a pleasure for me to come with you.

I find a lot of pleasure in my hobby.

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