pleased-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : खुश, तुष्ट, प्रफुल्ल, प्रसन्न, मुदित, सन्तुष्ट, सुखी, प्रमुदित

Example Sentences :

My aunt was pleased with my success.

My principal is pleased with me.

I am extremely pleased to get a favourable response from your side.

The captain was pleased with the writer’s work.

I was pleased with him at his honesty.

He is pleased to do odd jobs for them.

A large number of gifts have been received, but your present has pleased me most.

You will be pleased to know that my annual examination is over.

We are pleased to give you the appointment.

We are pleased to inform you that your book is selling like hot cakes.

They were pleased to go.

I was very pleased to hear the news.

He was pleased by the recitation.

He is pleased with me.

All were pleased to find me in their midst.

My work pleased the captain.

Can she be pleased with you?

He will be pleased to see you.

He was very pleased on winning a lottery.

Can she be pleased with you ?

The teacher was pleased with the boy’s work.

He was very pleased that you have passed.

She felt pleased because she’d done so much work.

It was clear that he wasn’t pleased to see us.

We were all pleased to see his tricks.

We are pleased to enclose our latest brochure.

Can she be pleased with you?

Everybody is pleased with him.

He is not pleased with his brother.

You will be pleased to know that I have been selected among the players of our team.

If at any time I say anything which you do not understand or with which you do not agree, I would be pleased if you would let me know.

Your parents will be pleased to hear it too.

I am quite pleased to see you.

The children were pleased at the prospect of going for a picnic.

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