Pleasant-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : प्रीतिकर, मज़ेदार, मधुर, मनोहर, रुचिकर, रुचिर, रोचक, लुभावना, सुखकर, सुखद, सुहाना, सुहावना, हँसमुख, खुशनुमा, अच्छा लगना

Example Sentences :

After about a week, we returned home with pleasant memories of our visit.

This trip will become a pleasant memory.

It seems very pleasant to sip a cup of hot tea in the bed.

Only her pleasant springy gait enchants her beauty.

He gave us such a pleasant surprise.

It is a pleasant time when the sun is setting and the birds are returning to their nests.

He will give you a pleasant surprise.

I have a very pleasant experience to share with you.

He had pleasant manners, therefore gained many friends.

I will give you a pleasant surprise.

It was a pleasant morning.

It is very pleasant to-day.

He will give you a pleasant surprise.

It must be pleasant to move out of the bed after so long a time.

He will give you a pleasant surprise.

By his pleasant manners he gained many friends.

She is a pleasant person.

I have very pleasant memories of that day.

His visit was a pleasant surprise.

I shall take back pleasant memories with me.

Whatever time I have spent with you in office will always have pleasant memories in my mind.

I had a very pleasant dream.

It was a pleasant Sunday morning.

The climate of Shimla is very pleasant and the change from the plains will improve our health.

It is a spot that is pleasant for picnic.

We had a pleasant time at the river.

It was a pleasant surprise to my aunt as I went there without any prior intimation.

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