playing in a sentence

Children are playing with a small football.

I enjoy playing football.

He has been playing since morning.

I like playing games on the computer.

Be careful while playing with firecrackers.

Children love to grow up playing more than studying all the time.

The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.

Children are playing football in the playground.

A real sportsman plays for the sake of playing.

I am tired of playing cricket.

When we are tired of working or playing, we need to have rest.

We can keep fit and healthy by playing games.

I am playing computer games.

He is an expert in playing the flute.

I love playing lawn tennis.

The children are playing in the garden.

They were forbidden from playing outside because it was very hot.

They had a feud over playing of loud music on the Diwali night.

He escaped from the prison by playing a trick.

What are you playing?

She had a faint smile playing around her lips.

She is always playing pranks on people.

He escaped from the prison by playing a trick,

I am playing football.

We are playing a match.

We were playing on the sand.

He is playing upon the flute.

Why aren’t they playing now?

Children were playing with sand on the coast of the sea.

Have they been playing tennis for a long time?

Are you playing mind games with me?

They generally while away their time in playing cards.

He has repugnance to playing cards.

My father hates playing cards.

I prefer reading to playing cards.

I like playing hockey.

What are you playing ?

With what were you playing ?

We shall be playing cricket in the evening tomorrow.

He is playing tennis.

I like playing cricket.

I am very fond of playing cards.

The girls were playing with their new dolls.

He is very good at playing cricket.

They have been playing all the time.

He was playing cricket.