Physically-word meaning in hindi

Noun : प्रकृति के अनुसार

Adverb : शारीरिक रूप से, स्वभाव से, प्राकृतिक रूप से, शरीर से, प्राकृतिक नियम के अनुसार, प्रकृति के अनुसार

Example Sentences :

Before you plan your pregnancy make sure that you are physically and mentally ready for that life event.

I feel greatly relieved to know that you are physically safe.

Games keep us physically fit.

Fatigue may affect you physically and mentally.

In general your body goes through a daily wear and tear which makes you feel weary both physically and mentally.

We all come across people in our lives who sometimes intentionally try to hurt us and our feelings either physically or verbally.

You have to be sure mentally as well as physically that you are ready to hit the treadmill.

Your partner is changing physically and emotionally.

They’re mentally prepared for it, they’re physically prepared for it.