physically in a sentence


Games are essential to keep oneself physically fit.

Do you help the physically disabled people?

Physically, he is very frail.

He was emotionally, physically and financially depleted.

Work helps us to keep fit, both mentally and physically.

A girl is delicate and physically weaker than a boy.

We should never become violent and hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

He is physically fit and isn’t suffering from any disease.

He is physically very active

The doctor examined the patient physically.

She is quite weak physically.

Physically, she is very frail.

He appears to be badly tired, mentally as well as physically.

A physically weak man may show some courage in the face of danger.

Beggars who are physically fit should be provided with work.

It makes a person weak both physically and mentally.

Games and sports keep one fit, physically as well as mentally.

Games keep us physically fit.

He plays games to keep himself physically fit.

The doctor examined the patient physically.

Modem man is physically and mentally pre-occupied .

Games benefit man physically, psychologically and socially.

How do games and sports help us physically ?

He is physically weak, but he must work to keep the body and soul together.

He is physically fit.

It makes a person weak both physically and mentally.

To keep physically fit, you must play some game.

It will refresh your mind and keep you physically fit.

Nobody is going to punish them physically.

It will keep you fit not only physically but mentally also.

She was no more physically capable of doing such hard work.

Fatigue may affect you physically and mentally.

They’re mentally prepared for it, they’re physically prepared for it.

Before you plan your pregnancy make sure that you are physically and mentally ready for that life event.

The athlete trained hard to improve his physically performance for the upcoming competition.

The doctor assured her that she was physically healthy after conducting a thorough examination.

She was physically unable to lift the heavy box on her own and asked for assistance.

The accident left him physically injured and requiring medical attention.

The dance routine was physically demanding, pushing the performers to their limits.

The physical therapist provided exercises to help the patient regain their physically mobility.

The extreme weather conditions made it physically challenging to reach the mountain’s summit.

The physically disabled student was provided with necessary accommodations to ensure equal access to education.

The hikers wore appropriate gear to protect themselves from physically harm during the expedition.

The rigorous training regimen prepared the athletes both mentally and physically for the competition.

The physically imposing wrestler dominated the match with his strength and technique.

The physically active lifestyle contributed to her overall well-being and fitness.

The doctor advised her to engage in physically exercise regularly to improve her cardiovascular health.

The astronaut underwent rigorous training to be physically prepared for space missions.

The physically demanding job required the workers to be in excellent shape.

The physically impaired individual used a wheelchair to move around with ease.

The long flight left her feeling physically cramped and fatigued.

The construction worker wore protective gear to avoid physically harm while working with heavy machinery.

The physically disabled athlete’s determination and dedication inspired many.

The physically exhausting manual labor required breaks to prevent overexertion.

The physically challenging obstacle course tested the participants’ strength and agility.

The physically active lifestyle contributed to his overall health and happiness.

The long flight left her feeling physically and mentally drained.

The physically intensive workout class pushed participants to their limits.

The physically impaired student was provided with accommodations to access classroom materials.

The physically grueling race tested the endurance and stamina of the athletes.

The physically fit lifeguard quickly responded to a swimmer in distress.

The physically demanding job required employees to undergo regular health check-ups.

The physically active lifestyle helped her maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles.

The accident victim underwent extensive surgeries to address their physically injuries.

The marathon runners trained diligently to be physically prepared for the race.

The physically challenged individual used assistive devices to aid in daily activities.

The physically exhausting task of moving heavy furniture required a team effort.

The dancers’ physically expressive movements conveyed powerful emotions to the audience.

The physically demanding sport of rock climbing required careful technique and strength.

The physically disabled athlete’s perseverance and determination earned them multiple medals.

The physically strenuous work of construction required strict adherence to safety protocols.

The physically active lifestyle resulted in improved cardiovascular health and lower stress levels.

The physically taxing job required regular breaks to prevent overexertion.

The athlete worked with a trainer to improve their physically performance and agility.

The physically fit firefighter was able to rescue the trapped family from the burning building.

The gymnast showcased impressive physically flexibility and balance during her routine.

The physically impaired artist used adaptive tools to create beautiful artwork.

The physically challenging yoga class left participants feeling both energized and relaxed.

The construction workers followed strict safety guidelines to minimize physically hazards.

The physically fit military personnel completed a rigorous obstacle course with ease.

The dance troupe’s physically synchronized movements mesmerized the audience.

The athletes underwent a comprehensive physical examination before the sports competition.

The physically active child was always full of energy and enthusiasm.

The physically demanding job required employees to wear protective gear.

The physically disabled individual inspired others with their determination and positive attitude.

The rigorous training program prepared the athletes both mentally and physically for the championship.

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