physically in a sentence

Games are essential to keep oneself physically fit.

Do you help the physically disabled people?

Physically, he is very frail.

He was emotionally, physically and financially depleted.

Work helps us to keep fit, both mentally and physically.

A girl is delicate and physically weaker than a boy.

We should never become violent and hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

He is physically fit and isn’t suffering from any disease.

He is physically very active

The doctor examined the patient physically.

She is quite weak physically.

Physically, she is very frail.

He appears to be badly tired, mentally as well as physically.

A physically weak man may show some courage in the face of danger.

Beggars who are physically fit should be provided with work.

It makes a person weak both physically and mentally.

Games and sports keep one fit, physically as well as mentally.

Games keep us physically fit.

He plays games to keep himself physically fit.

The doctor examined the patient physically.

Modem man is physically and mentally pre-occupied .

Games benefit man physically, psychologically and socially.

How do games and sports help us physically ?

He is physically weak, but he must work to keep the body and soul together.

He is physically fit.

It makes a person weak both physically and mentally.

To keep physically fit, you must play some game.

It will refresh your mind and keep you physically fit.

Nobody is going to punish them physically.

It will keep you fit not only physically but mentally also.

She was no more physically capable of doing such hard work.

Fatigue may affect you physically and mentally.

They’re mentally prepared for it, they’re physically prepared for it.

Before you plan your pregnancy make sure that you are physically and mentally ready for that life event.

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