physical in a sentence

Man needs physical activity not only to maintain good health, but also for the well-being of his mind.

They want only those jobs in which there is no physical labour.

Physical exercises keep us fit.

Physical fitness is an essential condition to cope up with any pressure in life.

Physical and mental education should go hand in hand.

Your physical health will depend upon the kind of food and drinks you have day after day.

Your physical condition needs more care.

Intelligence overpowers physical strength.

The miseries of the world cannot be cured by physical help only.

Obesity is a physical condition that results from excessive storage of fat in the body.

Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood, both mental and physical.

Yoga and Meditation are the science that enhances a person’s physical and mental vigour and vitality.

He succeeded in overcoming his physical weakness merely by determination.

In prison, he was made to undergo intense physical strain.

Though he was put to great physical torture, he did not confess his crime:

Study and physical exercise are important activities during the childhood.

He does not care for his mental or physical health.

He is in excellent physical condition.

We must take physical exercise regularly.

There is not a physical explanation for this phenomenon yet.

A person who does not take any physical exercise does not have a sound body.

Wine is harmful to both the mental and physical health of a person.

She suffered from physical strain.

Games are essential for our physical development.

He is are not used to physical labour.

It was a feat of real physical skill.

Over indulgence in work creates physical and mental problems.

They should do some physical activity.

The physical exercise often stimulates the mental powers.

Those who do brain work, need regular physical exercise.

Physical health depends upon physical exercise.

Depression and stress takes a physical toll on your body.

Drug addiction is often understood as a physical and psychological dependence.

Adults should be aiming for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity for at least five days a week.

Today’s lifestyle is loaded with stress which is harmful for both mental and physical health.

Head massage therapy offers relief from various mental and physical health issues.

Drink plenty of water and abstain from unnecessary physical strain.

Everyday physical exercise is indispensable to your health.

I want to do a little physical exercise.

Everyone should periodically receive a physical examination.

He is in good physical condition.

I get a physical examination once a year.

I had a physical checkup.

He was afraid of physical labor.