perusal in a sentence

I enclose herewith my certificates and testimonials for your kind perusal.

The requisite documents are attached herewith for your kind perusal.

We keep telling you to keep the record ready for perusal.

The application shall be referred to the Administration for their perusal.

We’ve provided all of our session resources for your perusal.

I’ve put my code up on github for your perusal.

It is for your perusal.

I wrote down this article for your perusal.

Please give it a perusal.

We rejected the complaint and passed it on for your perusal.

I have derived a certain solace from its perusal.

We have added a much higher resolution of the photo for your perusal.

We are awaiting for your perusal.

We have sent you an article for your perusal and opinion.

I highly recommend it to your perusal.

We have done a careful perusal of the whole work.

I’ve left this up for your perusal.

It deserve your perusal to avoid this kind of mistake in the future.

The experience certificate is enclosed herewith for your perusal.