perform in a sentence

All the parts or organs of our body perform different functions.

We have enough energy inside us to perform miracles, but we need to identify it first.

He was a very religious person and used to perform rituals for his clients.

He is not able to perform his job well.

We must perform our duties without grumbling.

What kind of magic trick are you going to perform?

I am giving you a task to perform.

What are you going to perform for your talent round?

What are you going to perform?

She tried to perform her best but she could not.

We ought to perform our duty.

I have some duties to perform.

Does he perform his duties sincerely ?

He has an unpleasant duty to perform.

Did she perform a dance ?

We should perform our duty.

It took the doctors about fifty minutes to perform the operation.

He does not perform his duty well.

I have to perform an operation.

Do we perform our duty ?

Right from the day a child is born, till his last breath he has to perform many duties.

” We ought to perform our duty.”

Both of them perform the same function.

Sometimes good students fail to make a good grade while weak students perform well.

He called upon all his strength to perform the feat.

Gone are the days when women used to perform their household duties manually.

Some people say boys and girls do not perform well in co-education system.

Human relations are interdependent where one person can’t achieve all the things or perform all the duties.

They perform different functions.

This computer can perform many tasks.

I will leave no stone unturned to perform my duties to the best of my ability.

I have to perform an operation.

Sleeping well will help you perform better.

There is a tradition in Hinduism to perform various Hawans in order to please our dear deities.

To perform this Puja there are certain rituals that need to be followed.

You can perform these exercises anytime you want.

Do you find yourself worn out to perform basic tasks?

How would he perform at interview?

Some are easy and simple to perform .

If you wish to be happy perform exercises regularly!

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