perception in a sentence

A good driver must have a good perception of distance.

Reading enhances our knowledge and perception towards the outer world.

With her keen perception the teacher understood the students’ problems.

Perception about right and wrong depends on time, place and circumstances.

Looking at unhappy circumstances with a different perception can make us feel better.

Perception is the ability to see effectively.

Perception plays an important role in election battles.

Your perception of yourself can actually affect body weight

The relaxed attention plays a major role in developing a powerful perception.

Pitch perception is essential to our ability to communicate and make music.

It is just a matter of perception.

You need to change the perception about me.

It is just a matter of perception for the two countries.

Perception is a projection.

You have enough time to turn public perception in your favour.

You should change your perception about me.

I have done a lot to change the perception of the public about me.

Beauty does not just lie in the eyes of the beholder but also in his or her perception.

There is a widespread public perception that he was allegedly framed in the case.

This is beyond an average man’s perception.

There is a high level of threat perception.

A good driver must have a good perception distance.

He has deep perception of life.

Long practice had sharpened his perception.

This perception alters their assumptions about the trust worthiness of people .

But this perception is fallacious.

Long practice had sharpened his perception.

They have extraordinary sense of perception and conception.

He is a man of keen perception.

It can alter your perception of life.

I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.

As time goes on their thinking and perception to life will change.

Knowing these facts will certainly help change your perception .