patriot in a sentence

One who works for the progress of his native land is a patriot.

Tagore was a friend of all the humanity and a great patriot of the world.

He is a thorough patriot.

Many people went to see the hanging of the patriot.

S. Bhagat Singh was every inch a patriot.

Sardar Bhagat Singh was out and out a patriot.

Who is a patriot?

He is a patriot.

He is a patriot to the backbone.

I sang a patriot song.

When a patriot dies, great memorials are raised to preserve his name.

A patriot loves not only his country but also the people of his country.

A true patriot is respected everywhere.

He was a great patriot.

He is truly a patriot.

He was a patriot to the backbone.

He is a patriot to the core.

He is every inch a patriot.

He is out and out a patriot.

A true patriot lives for his country.

Above all, he is patriot to the backbone.

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