Patient synonym-another word for patient in English

Calm, Forgiving, Gentle, Quiet, Tolerant, Long-Suffering, Understanding, Accommodating, Composed, Easy-Going, Enduring, Even-Tempered, Forbearing, Imperturbable, Indulgent, Lenient, Meek, Mild, Mild-Tempered, Persevering, Persistent, Philosophic, Philosophical, Resigned, Self-Possessed, Serene, Stoical, Submissive


Example Sentences :

He attempted to save the patient but it was too late.

Before the doctor arrives, the patient will have breathed his last.

The patient had clutched the doctor’s wrist.

The patient has not slept all night.

We must be patient for the sake of peace.

Be patient.

How is the patient now ?

The patient is going to die.

The patient motioned a finger to draw him nearer.

The patient will have been cured by the doctor.

Was the doctor examining the patient ?

The patient was on last legs.

Now the patient is out of danger.

The doctor is saying that the patient is getting better.

The patient tossed about in the bed.

A doctor is a God for the patient for he saves him from the jaws of death.

The condition of the patient is’going from bad to worse everyday.

He gives all a patient hearing.

After some time, another patient was brought in.

The doctor asked the patient not to exert himself.

She nursed the patient with care.

The patient had died before the doctor arrived.

The patient soon grew weary of life.

The doctor advised the patient to eat fresh oranges and not to sit in the sun.

The medicine eased the pain and patient slept comfortably.

She’s always patient with him.

Is she always patient with him?

He’s always patient with us.

The patient fainted at the sight of blood.

Be patient please. It takes time.

Be patient and persistent. These things take time.

Put the patient on his back.

Try to be patient with others.

The patient is getting worse from one day to the next.

That’s where you need to be patient and persevere and see where things lead.

If the patient is unconscious.

The doctor emphasized that the patient only had a few days to live.

You are a patient woman.