Patience-word meaning in hindi

Noun : क्षमा, धीरज, धीरता, धैर्य, शान्ति, संतुष्टि, सब्र, सहनशीलता, सबर, ताश का एक खेल Example Sentences : Games teach us the lesson of discipline, team-work, patience and punctuality. It teaches you patience discipline and humility and also boosts self-esteem and confidence making you more powerful than you could imagine . Have patience with all … Read more

patience in a sentence

He has great patience. To complete any project, there is a need for patience and constant hard work. We should have the patience to wait when there is need to wait. One can cure and rectify himself only by patience. One must possess the inner confidence and the patience to succeed. Please don’t weep, have … Read more