curb in a sentence

We must curb the growing materialism by spreading spiritualism. Necessary steps should be taken by the State Governments as well as Central Government to curb terrorism and insurgency, and bring about peace. I tried to curb the anger. One should curb one’s impatience. The movement became so overwhelming and unwildy that the police force could … Read more

create in a sentence

I would like to create an email account. Do you want to create trouble ? Do you know how to create an email account? Go where you like, only do not create a scene here. Who will create the trouble ? Machinery and motors used in the industries create a lot of noise. There are … Read more

artist in a sentence

One of my good friends is both an artist and physician of repute. A famous artist has made this painting. This painting is the creation of a great artist. He is a promising artist. Shri Sobha Singh was a great artist. A painter is an artist. He is a famous artist. He was believed to … Read more

aid in a sentence

Advertisements can be made with the aid of loudspeakers. Self-improvement and self-analysis direct our life, and aid us in finding solutions to our problems. Cucumber and celery aid in digestion, and help to burn calories. She uses a hearing aid. I rushed to the nearby doctor for first aid. In many villages, medical aid is … Read more

according in a Sentence

She spends her day according to a set time-table. He acted according to my instructions. Everybody chooses his hobby according to his taste and resources. Everything grows and dies according to natural laws. Cut your coat according to your cloth. I shall act according to your advice Everyone can get education according to his means. … Read more

warned in a sentence

I warned him not to live in that street. I warned him not to go further. He was warned of the danger. The doctor warned me against drinking. I have warned you of this danger over and again. The teacher excused the erring student and warned him to be careful in future. He warned me … Read more