Daredevil in a sentence

8The daredevil stuntman performed a death-defying leap from a skyscraper. Watching daredevil motorcyclists jump through flaming hoops was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. She always admired daredevil adventurers who scaled mountains and explored remote jungles. The daredevil pilot executed breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers in the airshow. He had a reputation as a daredevil because of his fearless … Read more

Deduct in a sentence

8I will deduct the cost of your meal from the total bill. When you file your taxes, you can deduct certain business expenses. The store deducted the discount from the final purchase price. Please deduct the amount you owe from your paycheck. The bank will deduct the monthly mortgage payment from your account. You can … Read more

Dining table in a sentence

9The dining table was set with fine china and silverware for the elegant dinner party. We gathered around the dining table to enjoy a hearty meal together. The dining table was adorned with a beautiful floral centerpiece. The dining table was so large that it could comfortably seat ten people. I accidentally spilled wine on … Read more

Ditty in a sentence

9He sang a catchy ditty that had everyone humming along. She composed a playful ditty on her guitar. The radio played a nostalgic ditty from the s. The children sang a cheerful ditty during recess. He wrote a heartfelt ditty for his loved one. She performed a lively ditty on the piano at the talent … Read more

Dodge in a sentence

9He had to dodge a speeding car that ran a red light. The soccer player skillfully dodged the opposing team’s defenders. She tried to dodge the raindrops as she hurried to her car. The detective needed to dodge the security cameras to access the restricted area. He had to dodge a barrage of questions from … Read more