ambivalent in a sentence

Our society has an ambivalent attitude towards the protection of architectural heritage It is a deeply ambivalent appeal. Her relationship … Read More

deeply in a sentence

She Loves her husband deeply. She was deeply disturbed when she was separated from her children. Parents love their children … Read More

devoted in a sentence

The freedom fighters devoted their lives for freedom with our national flag in their hand. She is a devoted teacher. … Read More

invented in a sentence

Science has invented machines. The steam-engine was invented by James Watt. Television was invented in Europe some fifty years ago. … Read More

saffron in a sentence

Larger amounts of saffron can make the uterus contract and might cause a miscarriage. Saffron might lower blood pressure. Saffron … Read More

teaches in a sentence

Television teaches and pleases us. Our national flag teaches us the lesson of unity, peace and humanity. He teaches us … Read More

medicinal in a sentence

Many trees provide us medicinal products such as quinine and eucalyptus. The trees like Neem have very good medicinal qualities. … Read More

injured in a sentence

The injured were immediately taken to the hospital. The injured man was taken in an ambulance. He was badly injured. … Read More

dreary in a sentence

Fairs and festivals provide a refreshing change in the dull, dreary routine of life. Dull and dreary eyes can make … Read More

deceptive in a sentence

They try to loot others with their deceptive good manners. Appearances are often deceptive. He was distressed by the deceptive … Read More

virtuous in a sentence

Only virtuous people are remembered after death. She has led a virtuous life. Discipline instills in man the virtuous principles … Read More

arrogant in a sentence

I have never approved of arrogant behavior. I could not tolerate his arrogant tone. His arrogant attitude is obnoxious to … Read More

preparing in a sentence

I was preparing the speech. During these days students are preparing for their examinations. They are preparing to evacuate the … Read More