related in a sentence

A Mother always wants best for her child and never compromise on anything related to her child.

A family is a group of people that are related to each other directly and indirectly.

All their activities are often related to achieving the main goal.

Are questions related to marriage not letting you find peace?

Are you related to her?

Bone marrow transplant can help to save the life of a patient suffering from leukemia and related disorders.

But these books should not be related to our syllabus.

Crime has often been related to poverty.

Discipline is related to regularity.

Energy conservation will reduce the expenses related to fossil fuels.

Exam related stress is a problem that should not be taken lightly.

Families are a group of related people generally who live together.

Happenings in life are strongly related to thoughts.

Has she related it to that?

He is distantly related to her.

He is not related to me in any way.

He is not related to me.

He is related to me by marriage.

He says that you are a cousin of his, and you say that you are not related to him at all.

His thesis is related to mine.

His work was related to light and sound.

How is the discovery related to the progress of science?

I am related to him by birth.

I discuss with her topics related to life.

In fact health and cleanliness are related to each other.

India has a bright and big deep-rooted history related to sports.

Is he related to you ?

Is it related to all the recent changes?

Is she related to you ?

It causes indigestion and other health-related problems.

It is called biological diversity as it is related to the variety of species of flora and fauna.

It is related to the not only environment but with everyone that lives on the planet.

Let us discuss about a few myths related to exercise and fitness.

Obesity and its related problems are a growing cause of concern.

Performance in exam is directly related to a student’s interest in studies.

Physical changes are directly related to aging.

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She is related to him.

She is related to me.

She related the result to her carelessness.

The constitution gives all the details related to what is legal and what is illegal in the country.

The exploitation of natural resources and non-observance of the rules related to ecological balance result in unexpected consequences.

The related Noun or Pronoun must be used with them.

There is extra financial burden related to her prenatal care.

There is no solid proof related to this.

They are related by blood.

They undergo training related to health and hygiene for educating people.

This Earthquake is related to volcanic activity.

This can cause many health related problems.

Today we shall talk about everything related to TB.

Very often, fashions are related to social conditions.

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We related it to that.

You should ask questions related to the job and the work environment to the interviewer.

medium in a sentence

Above all it can be a medium of spreading the message of peace in the world as it is a global game.

Almost every new private school being opened in the country is an lish medium school.

Bring it to boil on medium flame .

He is of medium height.

I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy.

I go in for Hindi as the medium of instruction.

If your hair has medium or thick volume, apply a bit of styling cream to keep strands smooth.

It is a medium.

Money is a medium of exchange.

Money is the most powerful medium to get things of our necessity, comfort and luxuries.

My son studies in an English medium school.

Newspaper is a very powerful medium of spreading information among people.

Nonetheless it is a medium which can bring about a change in the masses.

Parrots are usually small and medium in size that mostly eats seeds nuts and fruits.

Press is a medium of dialogue between the government and the people.

Social service can be a medium of inspiration for students to make them realize their responsibility.

Sound needs a medium for transmission.

Television can be a medium for giving information and ideas, for amusing people, and for teaching them.

Television is a very important medium for giving information.

The air is a medium for sound.

There was a medium amount of traffic on the road.

They are a great medium of knowledge.

This is best suited to those with medium hair.

Travel is a very useful medium of education.

encourage in a sentence

Effective measures should be taken to popularise, and encourage participation in games and sports.

Examinations encourage us to work hard.

For that matter I would encourage small-scale industry.

He always will encourage you and will take care of all your needs.

He began to encourage them.

How can we encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle?

I don’t think I would encourage executives that work for me to blog.

I shall encourage activities like debates, declamations, music, drama and educational tours.

I will go to encourage him.

I would encourage hard competition of subjects.

I would encourage students to take part in games.

I would encourage the students to take interest in games also.

I would very much wish to encourage social service in the country.

In 2005, the ITDC started a campaign called ‘Incredible India’ to encourage tourism in India.

In every field we must encourage women to give their best.

In order to be a good listener, encourage the speaker to talk.

It was organised by the district authorities to encourage the introduction of cottage industries in the villages.

It will encourage women’s empowerment in order to improve women status in the country.

Mahatma Gandhi launched the ‘Khadi Movement’ to encourage use of handspun fibers like Khadi or jute.

Many American parents encourage their sons to play football to keep them away from drugs.

Most importantly we must encourage afforestation.

My family are behind me, they encourage me all the time.

My mother tried to encourage me to eat a healthier diet.

My parents encourage me.

My teachers encourage and help me in all possible ways.

Ongoing financial problems may encourage negative thoughts in your mind.

Parents can encourage the child to meet disappointments with serenity.

People who encourage you to indulge in bad habits are not your friends.

Please refrain from posts that might encourage conflict.

Reading science fiction sometimes does much to encourage a scientific view of the universe.

Some modifications in our educational system is required to encourage talent based and growth oriented teachings.

Teachers always encourage and award their pupils for good works and punish them for wrongdoings.

The government will also encourage private sector participation in the project.

The remedies to global warming is to control pollution and encourage afforestation.

There is no doubt that you should encourage your child to talk.

There was no one to encourage them.

They do not need other people to encourage them to perform a challing task.

They encourage and promote the process of learning and grasping knowledge.

They encourage children to do things on their own.

They encourage cramming.

They encourage me.

They encourage us and support us during such difficulties.

They encourage us to work harder.

They should encourage their children to play outdoor games and also participate in co-curricular activities for better health.

This consistency and affection encourage all of us to treat them the same way.

To encourage others to do good is our duty.

We cannot encourage communalism or narrow-mindedness.

We encourage your participation.

We have to encourage environment-friendly practices.

We have to encourage people to join the campaign and work with us.

We must encourage afforestation.

We must encourage and educate others to do the same.

We must encourage children to avoid the use of plastic bags.

We must encourage good eating habits so that our future generations will be healthy and fit.

We must encourage them to adopt ways that do not contribute to noise pollution.

We must encourage this practice to help people get access to clean water easily without any cost.

We must encourage uses of non-conventional sources of energy especially solar energy.

We must plant more trees and encourage people to not pollute the environment.

We need to encourage the educated strata to continually participate in the work of social integration by educating the masses.

We ought not to have encourage him so much.

We should encourage everyone to read more books.

We should encourage others to plant more and more trees.

We should encourage the education in the backward areas by letting them know the benefits of education.

We should encourage the people to lessen the burden of population.

What should every state do to encourage the children’s theatre ?

What symptoms in his body did he try to encourage ?

Write a letter to encourage your friend who is lying in a hospital.

You must encourage him to try again.

You must encourage him, as he is sure to lose.

Your stars encourage you for staging a big stride.

They encourage me all the time.

effects in a sentence

After learning the harmful effects of pollution one must get on the task of preventing or reducing pollution as soon as possible.

All the countries of the world are facing the ill effects of global warming.

All these have far reaching damaging effects on the skin.

Although the governments of different countries have taken several major steps to curb these effects there is still a long way to go.

Bad company can have very bad effects.

Children should be educated about drugs and their harmful effects from an early age.

Cleanliness has many positive effects on everyone.

Demonetization has long term effects on a nation’s economy.

Do you know the side effects of not wiping sweat?

Drugs provide temporary relief from stress but produce harmful effects in later life.

Having raw garlic or consuming too much of garlic can have side effects on the body.

He has spent years studying the effects of sleep and sleep loss on memory and learning.

I intend to discuss the positive and negative effects of movies on children.

In short term the effects of sleep deprivation may strike as harmless but in the long term these effects could cause a serious damage.

In this essay on pollution we will see what are the effects of pollution and how to reduce it.

It has adverse effects on the economy of the country and its foreign investments.

It has an adverse effects on eyesight.

It has several positive effects on your mind body and soul.

It helps in reducing the effects symptoms and frequency of the infection.

Let us look in detail: the harmful effects of corruption in various sectors.

Let’s get ready to explore all the latest business trends and their effects in greater detail!

Many steps can be taken to combat the negative effects of modernism.

No serious side effects were reported.

Parents must discourage their children from consuming junk food because of the ill effects.

Persistent insomnia can cause humans to have certain negative psychological effects which we can also trace back to sound pollution.

Pollution effects everyone.

Pollution is damaging our earth severely and we need to realize its effects and prevent this damage.

Read more to check out the side effects of this surgery.

Read on to know what these side effects are.

Read to know about the effects of drinking water immediately after food.

Read to know the side effects of alcohol cravings.

Read to know the side effects of scanning during pregnancy.

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Reducing this average can have negative effects on your body.

She seems to devote all her effects to her career.

Smoking has its own side effects on the throat.

Spicy food have a certain effects on Stomach health.

Such bad effects may hamper your success.

Take a look at the health effects and problems of being a vegetarian.

The air pollution has many bad effects on the health of people.

The effects have impacted most on poorer families.

The effects of noise pollution are both physical and psychological or behavioral in nature.

The effects of smoking on your health are disastrous.

The effects of the medicine were wearing off.

The effects of this activity are very dangerous.

The following are a few of the drastic effects of internet on relationship.

The main problem with junk food is that people don’t realize its ill effects now.

The reason behind such drastic effects is the human claim on the Earth’s resources.

The regular cutting of the forests is creating lots of negative effects over the climate, environment, biodiversity.

The side effects of being overweight are tremendous.

The women who are pregnant and breastfeed can have effects on their child.

There are adverse effects of soil pollution on the growth of plants.

There are certain foods that can help combat the effects of stress and anxiety.

There are many harmful effects of deforestation.

There are many hazardous effects that will happen in the future if global warming continues.

There are only positive effects on one’s well being through laughter.

There are short term and long term after effects of alcohol intake.

There can be several side effects of fasting including both short term and long term risks.

They can have short-term and long-term effects which can be both physical and psychological.

They concluded from a test that artificial sweeteners did pose negative effects .

They do not bother about its damaging effects on their health.

This can have adverse effects on their growth and career.

This has hazardous effects not just on human health rather for the whole environment.

To avoid the negative effects of mobile the usage volume of them should be reduced.

Water pollution changes the quality of water to drastic effects.

We know ageing can have a lot of negative effects on our body and health in general.

We tell you the side effects of sleeping pills.

What are Insulin side effects in diabetes?

What are longterm and late effects of cancer .

What are some of the effects of cyclones?

What are the benefits or side effects of consuming saffron?

What are the causes and effects of this practice ?

What are the effects of books?

What are the effects of cleanliness?

What are the effects of drought?

What are the effects of pollution due to firecrackers?

What are the effects of pollution?

What are the effects of smoking?

What are the effects of social issues?

What are the effects of superstitious beliefs.

What are the effects of superstitious beliefs?

What are the effects of television watching on children?

What are the effects of this practice ?

drops in a sentence

All of a sudden big drops of rain began to fall.

Dew drops vanish when the sun rises.

Little drops make an ocean.

The dewdrops glitter in the sunshine.

Water changes into ice when the temperature drops below 32 degree celsius.

Frozen dew drops take the form of frost.

I have taken some drops of this medicine.

Little drops make an ocean.

Dew drops are looking like pearls.

Dew drops vanish when the sun rises.

The dew drops are pleasing to the sight.

Every morning a man comes on a bicycle and drops a newspaper at our doors the one out of so many that we have chosen to subscribe.

Tiny drops of water make the ocean vast.

There are a few drops of rain now.

My dad drops in on me from time to time.

It drops your concentration level and messes with your digestive system.

He drops in on me very often.

He sometimes drops consonants.

It drops a cookie so that it can provide the analytical report required for us.

Soon water drops started drenching me to the marrow.

It drops the utility bills cost and helps us save some extra money.

She drops the boxes.

I have taken some drops of this medicine.

The dew drops fallen on the grass are shining.

If you see drops of blood everyday in your stool it could be piles.

Rubbing a few drops of almond oil gently on the eye lids before going to bed can also help lubricate the tissues of the eyes naturally.

The fresh drops of rain on the leaves make them look more fresh and green.

Two drops at a time and you are good to go.

She drops the boxes.

She drops a crumb.

bustle in a sentence

To get rid of the bustle of city-life we decided to go away from the noise and clamor of it.

Life in a big city is full of charm and bustle.

It is a peaceful place, away from the bustle of the city.

There is a great hustle and bustle in the household where the wedding is going to take place.

There was a great hustle and bustle.

There is a great hustle and bustle in the bazaar, particularly in the evening.

I miss the hustle and bustle of city life.

There is always a great hustle and bustle in the bazaar.

There was a human sea all round and a great hustle and bustle everywhere.

What bustle in the streets!

There is always hustle and bustle in the bazaar.

There was a great hustle and bustle in every tent.

The hustle and bustle of a city is missing there.

There is a grea hustle and bustle at the canteen.

It was a very tense period and in all that hustle and bustle I could not inform you in time.

As soon as the train arrived there was a great hustle and bustle at the platform.

It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the town.