destiny in a sentence

Man can change his destiny by right thinking. Man is the maker of his destiny. What is the good of fuming and fretting for nothing when we cannot change our destiny. The man who depends upon his own efforts makes his own destiny. Do you believe in destiny? The way parents speak to their children …

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harmony in a sentence

There is perfect harmony among the different communities of this taste People of different religions should live together in harmony. The aim and objective of education should be proper integration and harmony between feeling, thinking and doing. He is peaceful and lives in harmony with his surroundings. Can we maintain peace and harmony with jealousy …

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livelihood in a sentence

He earns his livelihood by the sweat of his brow. A street hawker has to work very hard for his livelihood. The youth of today is facing the challenge of livelihood with unemployability. They earn their livelihood by renting traditional dresses and artificial jewellery to tourists. Livelihood opportunities should be developed at the village level. …

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ability in a sentence

His ability to get on with people is his chief asset. I know that you have the ability to top your class. Can you suggest a way to improve his ability to converse in English ? He is in the habit of boasting about his ability and achievements. The purpose of holding examination is to …

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servant in a sentence

The postman is an important public servant. Greatest man is he who is the servant of all. The servant went downstairs with a gesture of impatience. He wreaked his anger on his servant. While sweeping the room, the servant found a rupee lying in the corner. I dispensed with the services of my servant. Your …

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