fast in a sentence

5She keeps a fast on every Tuesday. I am on fast today. He can not fast even for a day. She is a fast friend of my sister. Life in a big city is very fast. The door was stuck fast. We couldn’t open it. She runs very fast. My watch is five minutes too … Read more

contains in a sentence

2The Indian National Flag contains three colors and thus also called as the Tiranga. This book contains all types of questions asked in various competitive examinations. A polluted soil often contains varieties of germs of diseases. Milk contains a big package of nutrients that is especially important for bone health, which makes your body stronger … Read more

always in a sentence

5I always wake up at 5 a.m. Always use good quality shaving cream and clean razors. They always are in a hurry and worry. We should always respect our parents. He always respects his teachers. I always read good books. I am always at home on Sundays. He always wears a white shirt and black … Read more

a lot in a sentence

5I had heard a lot about the beauty of the Kashmir Valley. I have learnt a lot from you all. He had suffered a lot  because of his father’s ill deeds and had no respect for his father. Every man can achieve a lot in life if he has the right attitude. I have learned … Read more

book in a sentence

14Open your book at page twelve. A good book needs no foreword. A good friend is like a good book. A page of my book is embodied with a wing of a butterfly. A stimulating new book attracts attention. A woman is reading a book in the library. After reading this book, return it to … Read more

alone in a sentence

8A person with self-confidence can alone face the biggest problems or challenges in his life. Ability alone is not enough. And that’s why they are alone as a consolidator. Are we humans alone in this infinite universe? At one time I lived alone in the mountains. At the time of the incident, he was sleeping … Read more