Therefore in a Sentence

He is poor, therefore he cannot buy a car. He was guilty therefore he was punished. I was ill therefore I was absent yesterday. The box is very heavy, therefore, I cannot carry it. She did not work hard, therefore she failed. He was in bad health, therefore he could not work. It is already … Read more

how to use Change in a Sentence

Change your clothes. How can I change address in passport? We will change the piece if the fault can’t be repaired. Can you please tell how to change my ATM pin? Why are you looking for a change in your job? Why do you want to change your job? Change your clothes at once. It’s … Read more

how to use Start in a Sentence

We cannot start while it is raining. You must start quite early in order to finish all the work. The meeting doesn’t start for another twenty minutes. When does your school start after summer break? How do you start this machine? When do you want me to start working? As winter draws near people start … Read more

Good in a Sentence

I am not very good in studies and neither am I interested in studying further. He was good at studies. Walking, cycling, swimming and jogging are good for health. He is a good debater. Making fun of others is not good. We must work for the good of others. This medicine will do you a … Read more

Hence in a Sentence

He played a foul game and hence lost. Had he told the truth he would have escaped. He was absent, hence he was fined. We have succeeded in our mission. It is very cold hence we purchased some winter wears. This drug is spurious, hence it should not be taken. It is getting late, hence … Read more

Admire in a Sentence

We admire the brave. She is the woman to admire. I admire his sincerity and ambition a great deal. He likes others to admire him. She likes others to admire her. I admire your hard work and dedication. I admire your wisdom I admire your loyalty. This is the girl whom all admire. With all … Read more