support in a sentence

He assured me of his full support. Friends are needed for support and for sharing. Friends are an important source of support and objectivity. Forests are the support system of our lives. Social support from friends and family members also promotes good mental health. I am very thankful for the support of my family. His … Read more

how to use spite in a sentence

In spite of his great strength he was overpowered. In spite of poor health, he worked hard. In spite of trying her best, she could not succeed. I hold no spite against anyone. In spite of being so poor, he is honest. In spite of his riches, he is unhappy. In spite of being intelligent, … Read more

smile in a sentence

He always has a childlike smile on his lips. I like to see a face with a smile on it. She has a sweet smile on her face. He is so sad that he cannot smile. She greeted us with smile. He accepted the challenge with a smile. There is something irritating about his smile. … Read more

Build in a Sentence

They are men of like build and stature. Do the birds build nests in the trees? Where did he build his house ? We should not Build castles in the air. We build houses to live in. You and I will have to build this developed India. If it snows tomorrow, I shall build a … Read more

Besides in a Sentence

Besides being laborious, he is intelligent. Besides being a bowler, he is good batsman. But besides has also different meanings involved. What interests do you have besides computer games ? Besides you, there are twelve other applicants for the job. Besides this pen, I have four more. He has a car besides a motor cycle. … Read more

Beside in a Sentence

We sat down beside the stream. I did not want to sit beside you. He sits beside me on the same bench in the class. He was sitting beside his mother. They were beside themselves with rage. Who is standing beside you in this photo? He sat down beside me. They beside themselves with joy. … Read more