Make in a Sentence

Can you make a cup of tea for me? Let us make it up with him. When did you make progress ? I don’t make you wait on me for hours. Can you make out anything from this letter? I could make neither head nor tail of what he said. Please make the position clear. … Read more

Fun in a Sentence

Why do you make a fun of him ? It was certainly a lot of fun. I had lots of fun. You’ll probably have fun tomorrow The real fun is to see the match. The real fun is to watch the duel. The scheme failed for want of funds. I never do fun of other … Read more

Friend in a Sentence

His help saved his friend. My friend failed in the examination. Your friend will mock at you He nurses a grudge against his friends in his heart of hearts. She set about her friend heavily. He fell out with his friend. He is my bosom friend. He is my friend He was consoled by his … Read more