pacify in a sentence

The Minister reached the spot to pacify the workers.

What are the ways to pacify anger in a child?

The police failed to pacify the protesters.

I tried to pacify both of them.

The police were at the spot to pacify the protesters.

How can you pacify an angry person?

Don’t try to pacify to him.

You cannot pacify her.

We tried to pacify him with kindness.

You should make an effort to pacify your wife.

If you do this to pacify, it is not going to end.

He did not pacify any situation.

Try to pacify him with sweet words.

I am trying to pacify your crying baby.

They are not there to pacify you each and every time.

People try to pacify us when we are in tears.

This will pacify you.

You should try to pacify yourself by reading spiritual texts.

I will pacify your request.

Try to pacify yourself.

I will come back to pacify you when you are down.

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