over in a sentence

He is over the moon about meeting his fans.

He is over the moon with the developments in his life.

He kicked up a row with his colleague over a trifle.

It is a large village with a population of over 5000.

Have you no control over your children ?

His wife quarrels over trifles.

I request you to think over the whole question with a cool head.

The thief was caught red handed and handed over to the police.

When he was on his death bed, he made over all his property to his sons.

A car ran over him.

He was run over by a speeding truck.

The military were deployed over the troubled area.

The Chairman is going to preside over the meeting.

It is no use to cry over your loss now.

Think over my proposal carefully.

Please hand over the book to the teacher.

The Taj is famous all over the world.

It is no use crying over spilt milk.

My parents are over busy.

His village is just over the border.

Electricity cables stretch over the fields.

The thief was handed over to the police.

They never fought over anything.

He takes no care over his work.

He has travelled all over Asia.

People all over the world have superstitions, though they may differ from country to country and region to region.

He has tangled with him over the property issue.

This was over by the end of January.

I kissed her all over her face.

There have been several ups and downs in numbers over the years.

If a scar is over a year old, this remedy wouldn’t work.

That goes over my head.

They’ve had heavy rains for over a week.

I can’t get over it.

Are you going to do it over again?

We talked the plan over with him.

Our ancestors came here over a hundred years ago.

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