out in a sentence

Please do not leave the door open when you go out.

He was really not cut out for hard physic work.

People who are accustomed to reading newspapers feel out of sorts if they do not get it.

The experiment was carried out successfully.

The rain began to fall just as we decided to go out.

There is no way of improving him.

Don’t go out just sit tight until the storm is over.

He spoilt the whole plan by letting the cat out of the bag.

The bold print stands out very well.

You can count me out of this plan of yours.

Our universities are turning out thousands of graduates and post graduates every year.

The furniture is worn out.

They were all out for 179 runs.

Don’t go out now.

He went out for hunting.

He went out on a picnic.

Go out and play for sometime.

He found out my purse.

They have thrown out my scheme.

For how many days you will be out?

I could not figure out what you wanted to say.

Have you chalked out a programme where and how to spend these?

I was just trying to find out whether you remember those days or not.

Constant use of this shirt has worn out its colour.

Many people go out for a walk daily in the morning.

It takes a lot of courage to come out and speak about it.

He cried out in pain.

He’ll be out at lunch now

He committed suicide by jumping out of a high window.

He couldn’t carry out plan.

He carried out all his aims.

He went out without saying goodbye to me.

He carried out all his promises.

He worked out a new formula.

He cut the advertisement out of the newspaper.

He sent his son out to get the newspaper.

He is out of control when drunk.

He was out of town last week.

He went out of the room without being noticed by anyone.

He came out with an angry face.

He wants to go out with her.

He will never fail to carry out the project.

He found out the secret.

He yelled out an order to the soldiers.

He stretched out his arm to take the book.

He carried out what he had promised.

He didn’t carry out his promise.

They dropped out of their school.

They set out last night.

They are out of work now.

They blotted out his name from the list.

She went out without saying good-bye.

He took something out of the bag.

She carried out the plan.

She cried out in surprise.

She didn’t do it out of malice.

He gave out a sigh of relief.

She forced me to go out with her.

Go out of the room at once.

She didn’t let her children go out in the rain.

She went out for a walk.

She pointed out my mistake.

She went out to buy some food.

She turned out the light so as not to waste electricity.

She went out of the room in anger.

She handed out a key to him.

She cut a picture out of the book.

The riot was completely out of control.

Don’t let the cat out of the bag.

My father is out in the garden now.

Cry out against injustice!

Can I go out of the room?

Let’s think out another way.

I found my mother busy ironing out some shirts.

The trees in my garden are putting out leaves.

I will take my mother out in my new car tomorrow.

He was knocked out by a punch in the first round.

It appears that he has worked out a solution to his problem.

He got out of the taxi at the department store.

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