ostentatious in a sentence

I have called upon my members to launch a campaign to root out social evils of dowry and ostentatious .

Much against the general expectations, the marriage was not made out to be too ostentatious.

The ostentatious display of wealth by her is part of folklore.

We are advised to cut down on ostentatious expenditure.

Make marriages less ostentatious.

Refrain from ostentatious displays of wealth on such auspicious occasions.

We have banned all ostentatious weddings.

She has started justifying her ostentatious behaviour.

Not only in cities, in villages too people are falling prey to ostentatious lifestyle.

Your stars are compelling you to lead an ostentatious life.

You must give up your ostentatious way of living.

You are advised to give priority to your health and avoid leading a fast and ostentatious life.

Indian weddings are undeniably ostentatious.

Ostentatious display of wealth should be avoided.

We offered prayers for his long life in an ostentatious .

I had no time for snobbishness or ostentatious.

Marriages have become too ostentatious.

Large amount of cash is withdrawn for ostentatious purposes.

He hosted an ostentatious party for his wedding anniversary.

I do not believe in an ostentatious lifestyle.

Expenditure on band parties and other ostentatious display of wealth has been prohibited.

Weddings are getting more and more ostentatious in the city.

The party workers should desist from ostentatious show of wealth .

Weddings are getting more ostentatious with every passing day .

I have attended classy affairs and ostentatious ones.

He has launched an ostentatious campaign which initially stunned the common man, .

In real life there’s nothing ostentatious about this versatile actress.

Marriages become too ostentatious.

He is known for his ostentatious lifestyle.

They rarely resort to ostentatious display of wealth.

Marriage functions are getting more and more ostentatious.