oral in a sentence

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once in day along with the mouth rinses can provide good oral health to get rid of tartar .

Brushing your teeth the right way is important for maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a mandate to maintain good oral health care.

He had an oral exam.

He has failed in the oral examination.

I sent her an oral message.

If your body and mind are in a good condition your oral health also becomes naturally sound.

Lemon juice, when used to rinse or when consumed, leads to cleansing of the oral cavity.

Poor oral health care increases the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Scaling help the teeth from getting rotten and assists oral hygiene.

She gave an oral report to her boss.

The detective took down his oral testimony on the spot.

The lad was sent with an oral message to the doctor.

The teacher gave the students an oral test.

The teacher took an oral test.

There are some big mistakes that we do when it comes to oral health.

There is no oral test for this examination.

They infuse colour, beauty and power into oral or written expressions.

We had an oral exam.

We have received an oral message from him.

Were your instructions oral or written ?

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