Opposite Of Vain, Antonyms of Vain, Meaning and Example Sentences

Humble: “Humble” refers to a modest and unassuming attitude, often lacking arrogance or pride.
Example Sentence: She remained humble despite her impressive achievements.

Modest: “Modest” describes someone who has a moderate and unpretentious view of their abilities or accomplishments.
Example Sentence: The artist was modest about her talent, always downplaying her skills.

Unassuming: “Unassuming” indicates a lack of pretentiousness or arrogance, often accompanied by a quiet demeanor.
Example Sentence: He was an unassuming person who never sought attention for his achievements.

Down-to-earth: “Down-to-earth” refers to a practical and realistic attitude, often without any airs or artificiality.
Example Sentence: Despite her success, she remained down-to-earth and relatable.

Realistic: “Realistic” suggests having a sensible and practical perspective, without overly high expectations.
Example Sentence: His realistic outlook on the project helped manage everyone’s expectations.

Modest: “Modest” indicates a lack of arrogance or boasting, often accompanied by a willingness to recognize limitations.
Example Sentence: He gave a modest answer when asked about his role in the team’s success.

Genuine: “Genuine” refers to something sincere, honest, and not intended to deceive or impress.
Example Sentence: Her genuine compliments made everyone feel appreciated.

Sincere: “Sincere” describes something true, heartfelt, and not motivated by personal gain or vanity.
Example Sentence: His sincere apology helped mend the strained relationship.

Earnest: “Earnest” suggests a genuine and sincere effort, often without any intention to show off.
Example Sentence: The team’s earnest dedication led to the successful completion of the project.

Modesty: “Modesty” signifies a quality of not being boastful or excessively proud.
Example Sentence: Her modesty made her approachable and well-liked by her colleagues.

Simple: “Simple” indicates a lack of complexity or extravagance, often reflecting an unpretentious attitude.
Example Sentence: He preferred a simple lifestyle and didn’t care for luxury items.

Reserved: “Reserved” suggests a quiet and restrained demeanor, often lacking showiness or excessive self-promotion.
Example Sentence: Despite his accomplishments, he remained reserved and didn’t seek attention.

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