Opposite Of Social, Antonyms of Social, Meaning and Example Sentences

Isolated: “Isolated” refers to being separated, detached, or cut off from others.
Example Sentence: Living in a remote cabin, he enjoyed the isolated tranquility of nature.

Solitary: “Solitary” describes being alone or spending time in seclusion.
Example Sentence: She found comfort in her solitary walks along the beach.

Introverted: “Introverted” indicates a tendency to be reserved, reflective, and focused inwardly.
Example Sentence: His introverted nature made him prefer smaller gatherings over large parties.

Alone: “Alone” signifies being by oneself, without the presence or company of others.
Example Sentence: She enjoyed spending quiet evenings alone, reading and relaxing.

Unsocial: “Unsocial” suggests a lack of interest in or discomfort with social interactions.
Example Sentence: His unsocial behavior often led to misunderstandings with colleagues.

Reclusive: “Reclusive” describes someone who lives in seclusion, avoiding contact with others.
Example Sentence: The reclusive author rarely made public appearances.

Antisocial: “Antisocial” refers to behavior that goes against societal norms or disrupts social harmony.
Example Sentence: His antisocial tendencies led to conflicts with his neighbors.

Isolationist: “Isolationist” indicates someone who advocates for limited involvement with other countries or groups.
Example Sentence: The country’s isolationist policies restricted foreign trade and diplomacy.

Withdrawn: “Withdrawn” describes a person who is reserved and tends to keep to themselves.
Example Sentence: After the breakup, she became withdrawn and avoided social gatherings.

Uncommunicative: “Uncommunicative” suggests a reluctance to engage in conversation or share thoughts.
Example Sentence: His uncommunicative behavior made it difficult to understand his perspective.

Lone: “Lone” indicates being alone or solitary in a particular situation or context.
Example Sentence: The lone traveler embarked on a journey to explore remote regions.

Hermit-like: “Hermit-like” describes behavior resembling that of a hermit, someone who lives in seclusion.
Example Sentence: His hermit-like lifestyle was a conscious choice to avoid the hustle of city life.

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