Opposite Of Most, Antonyms of Most, Meaning and Example Sentences

  1. Least: “Least” indicates the smallest amount or degree among a group of things or qualities.
    Example Sentence: Among the available options, the blue dress was the one she liked the least.

  2. Fewest: “Fewest” refers to the smallest number among a group of items.
    Example Sentence: The team with the fewest points will be eliminated from the tournament.

  3. Minority: “Minority” describes a smaller portion or number within a larger group.
    Example Sentence: While most people preferred the movie, there was a minority who found it boring.

  4. Smallest: “Smallest” signifies the least in size, amount, or importance.
    Example Sentence: The smallest box was used to pack delicate items.

  5. Not as much: “Not as much” indicates a lower quantity or degree compared to something else.
    Example Sentence: This year’s turnout for the event was not as much as last year’s.

  6. Scarcest: “Scarcest” refers to the most limited or hard to find.
    Example Sentence: During the drought, water became the scarcest resource in the region.

  7. Limited: “Limited” describes something that is constrained or restricted in amount or availability.
    Example Sentence: The store has a limited selection of products in stock.

  8. Fewer: “Fewer” indicates a smaller number or quantity.
    Example Sentence: The new policy resulted in fewer employees working on weekends.

  9. Minor: “Minor” refers to something that is of lesser importance, significance, or extent.
    Example Sentence: The minor issues were resolved quickly, but the major ones required more attention.

  10. Not as many: “Not as many” signifies a smaller count compared to something else.
    Example Sentence: Not as many students attended the optional lecture as the main lecture.

  11. Less: “Less” indicates a smaller amount or degree in comparison to another item or situation.
    Example Sentence: She had less time to complete the assignment than she thought.

  12. Insufficient: “Insufficient” describes something that is not enough or inadequate in amount or quantity.
    Example Sentence: The budget allocation was insufficient to cover all the project expenses.

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