Opposite Of Minor, Antonyms of Minor, Meaning and Example Sentences

Major: “Major” indicates something of greater importance, significance, or scale compared to something “minor.”
Example Sentence: The major changes to the project plan required careful consideration.

Significant: “Significant” describes something important, notable, or having a considerable impact.
Example Sentence: The discovery of a new species was a significant breakthrough in biology.

Majority: “Majority” refers to the larger part or greater number within a group or context.
Example Sentence: The majority of the audience agreed with the speaker’s viewpoint.

Substantial: “Substantial” suggests something considerable or large in size, amount, or significance.
Example Sentence: The company experienced substantial growth in its revenue this quarter.

Important: “Important” indicates something of great significance, worth, or relevance.
Example Sentence: The upcoming meeting is important for discussing the project’s future.

Principal: “Principal” refers to something of primary importance or fundamental nature.
Example Sentence: The principal aim of the research was to identify potential solutions.

Primary: “Primary” describes something that is first in order, importance, or occurrence.
Example Sentence: The primary focus of the workshop was to improve communication skills.

Key: “Key” suggests something essential, crucial, or pivotal to a particular situation or outcome.
Example Sentence: Time management is a key skill for success in various aspects of life.

Central: “Central” refers to something located at the center or core, often indicating importance.
Example Sentence: The central theme of the novel revolves around the idea of love and sacrifice.

Dominant: “Dominant” indicates something that holds a position of authority, influence, or prevalence.
Example Sentence: The dominant factor in the team’s victory was their strong defense.

Overwhelming: “Overwhelming” suggests something that is so powerful or significant that it cannot be easily resisted.
Example Sentence: The overwhelming response from the audience demonstrated the popularity of the show.

Crucial: “Crucial” refers to something that is essential, critical, or decisive to the success of a particular situation.
Example Sentence: The final presentation is crucial for securing the project’s funding.

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