Opposite Of Death, Antonyms of Death, Meaning and Example Sentences

Life: “Life” refers to the state of being alive, conscious, and existing.
Example Sentence: The birth of a baby brings new life and joy to the family.

Existence: “Existence” signifies the fact or state of living and being present in the world.
Example Sentence: The novel explores the meaning of human existence in a complex world.

Survival: “Survival” denotes the act of enduring and continuing to live despite challenges or threats.
Example Sentence: The hiker’s survival skills helped him overcome the harsh conditions in the wilderness.

Being: “Being” refers to the state or quality of having life, existence, or consciousness.
Example Sentence: The scientist pondered the nature of human being and consciousness.

Life span
Life span: “Life span” is the duration of time during which a living organism remains alive.
Example Sentence: The average life span of a domestic cat is around 12-15 years.

Birth: “Birth” is the process of coming into existence or being born.
Example Sentence: The birth of a new star is a breathtaking event in the universe.

Creation: “Creation” refers to the act of bringing something into existence.
Example Sentence: The artist’s masterpiece is a remarkable creation that captivates viewers.

Genesis: “Genesis” signifies the beginning or origin of something.
Example Sentence: The Genesis of the novel’s plot lies in the author’s childhood memories.

Animation: “Animation” indicates the quality of being alive, vibrant, or energetic.
Example Sentence: The garden was filled with the animation of colorful flowers and buzzing insects.

Vitality: “Vitality” refers to the state of being strong, active, and full of energy.
Example Sentence: Regular exercise and a balanced diet contribute to overall vitality.

Eternity: “Eternity” suggests a state of endless or infinite existence.
Example Sentence: The concept of an afterlife often involves the idea of eternal existence.

Longevity: “Longevity” signifies a long duration of life or existence.
Example Sentence: The region is known for the longevity of its inhabitants, who often live beyond 100 years.

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