only in a sentence

He is the only son of his parents.

She was the only child of her parents.

He got only pass marks in Physics.

I have only one servant to cook my food and wash the utensils.

We should take care about the wastes of our daily lives and put in only in the dustbin for proper disposal and prevent infections to get spread in the home or surrounding.

There is only one way for self-improvement and self-analysis in life, and it is silence.

Water turns into steam with a difference of only one degree In temperature.

Life in the city is normal only when people remain in discipline.

The only one who does not make mistakes is the one who never does anything.

Eat only when hungry and follow strict meal timings.

We can only feel air when it moves.

He secured only pass-marks.

Penguin is the only bird that can swim.

He worries for his own future only.

He gave me not only food but also shelter.

He will not only encourage you but also help you.

We should discuss it only among close friends.

His anger is only momentary.

He is only tired.

He is not only industrious but also intelligent.