office in a sentence

They had opened an office in Delhi to operate the gaming portal.

I’ll be in the office on Monday.

My parents do their office work on the computer.

My office starts at 10.00 A.M.

Arrange things in your office in such a manner that if you want a thing, you can get it fast.

I am going to the inquiry office.

Our office is next to the post-office.

All the employees sat out the office in the sun.

I shall call on you at your office.

Get the delivery of the parcel from the post-office.

We should behave well with all whether at home, school, office or other places.

His office was ransacked.

He is a habitual late-comer at the office.

He rose from office boy to director of the company

They had left the office before you arrived.

Why didn’t you come to the office?

My father is a clerk in a government office.

Have you reached office?

My office is situated beside the Reserve Bank of India.

On his way to office, he met with a minor accident.

Our office employees have formed a union.

When did you reach office?

What street is the post office on?

I went to the office half an hour ago.

Can you tell me where the post office is?

Isn’t he in his office now?

I will show him the office where I work.

I’ll wait for you at my office till you come.

I will be late for the office today.

On an average fifty people visit this office daily.

You will have to come to the office tomorrow.

He will be in his office at the moment.

Does he reach the office in time ?

He comes to the office regularly.

He could not go to his office as he was in bad health.

We reached the office in time.

He is so ill that he can’t go to office today.

Everyone in the office respects him.

Please show me some items of office stationery.

Come to my office at 7 O’clock.

The office needs to know your home address and phone number.

I shall not come to the office as I am not well.

Last evening I came back from office rather late.

You will find his office neat and tidy.

He will stay in office until you reach there.

No other man in the office is as wise as my brother.

I go to office at 10 O’clock.

It is time for the office to be closed.

She was working in the office when I left.

If you take a taxi, you will reach office in time.

I called at his office yesterday.

I like his method of doing the office work.

The boss has issued him a warning for coming late to office so often.

What a pity you did not attend the office party !

Where are your office keys?

Is there any post vacant in your office ?

I left the office as the clock struck six.

The office hours will be changed from Monday next.

I worked in this office for a month.

I don’t remember where your office is situated ?

She joined this office two months ago.

I am not able to come to the office today due to fever.

Did you bring my letters from the post office ?

I have been working in the same office for the last two years.

We go to office every day.

The office recompensed me for my touring expenses.

He handed over the key of the office to me.

I shall join office from Monday.

I worked in this office for four years.

I was not in this office five years ago.

He always arrives at the office at 8 o’ clock.

I expect I will see you when you visit this office next.

He joined our office a year ago.

I am tired of my office work.

I cleaned the office yesterday.

I have taken up a part-time job after office to cover your tuition and hostel fees.

This peon had not been coming to the office for a week.

He joined the office after his reversion from deputation.

He gave over the charge of his office to a new man.

I leave office at four o’clock.

I am out of office today.

Your company is constructing its new office right next to my apartment.

You left the office very late, didn’t you?

They are not at the office now.

I take private tuitions after my office hours.

Can you give me a ride to the office on Wednesday?

They were transferred from one office to another.”

His office is very close to mine.

He is never in the office in the morning.

He tried unsuccessfully to domineer over his office workers.

The line to the ticket office is very long.

The usual business hours in this office are from nine to five.

He got to his office on time.

We arrived at the office on time.

Call at my office at any time.

She held the office of President for 5 years.

Our office hours are from to .

She tightened her ticket office.

Even if this printer gets repaired, a new one is still needed as our office has become very busy lately.

Where are your office keys?

The post office of our village is housed in an old building.

He gave over the charge of his office to a new man.

He puts the seal of the post office on them.

He works in a restaurant and she has an office job.

How can I find out where the post office is?

Isn’t he in his office now?

It’s opened by the office manager.

Can you tell me where the post office is?

I went to the post office half an hour ago.

How can I find out where the post office is?

Not many people in that office speak lish, do they?

The boss visits the office seldom.

This office deals in our case.

I entered her office to remind her of our appointment.

He comes to the office regularly.

He has given him a new office.

Is office making you sick?

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