offence in a sentence


His offence was grave.

To bribe a public servant is a penal offence.

He took offence at my remark.

You have committed a grave offence, however, I excuse you this time.

I promised not to repeat the offence.

He took offence against my remarks.

He was fined for offence.

He was fined his offence.

It was declared a legal offence.

RHe committed the offence.

He was fined for the offence.

His offence was such as could not be pardoned.

I committed a grave offence.

Ragging is a criminal offence.

It is an offence to drive when you are drunk.

You shall be punished for this offence.

He took offence at my not helping him.

Don’t take offence so easily.

Your offence is unpardonable.

Don’t take offence so easily..

The court fined him 20000 for the offence.

She took offence at my remarks.

Do not take offence at my remarks.

Since this is the prisoner’s first offence, he will be let off with a small fine.

He will be punished for the offence.

He took offence at this.

Your offence, stealing the books, is unpardonable.

This offence is non-bailable.

He was fined for the offence.

Don’t take offence so easily.

He took offence at my not helping him.

Your drunkenness aggravates your offence.

This is not a legal offence.

Express your difficulties to him without giving him offence.

He took offence at my words.

At first he denied the offence, but later he decided to make a clean breast of it.

It is an offence to drive when you are drunk.

He took offence against my remarks.

He took offence at my remarks.

His act is an offence against the law.

He took offence at my not helping him.

It is a penal offence to bribe a public servant.

She easily takes offence at trifles.

His rude comment caused great offence to the other guests at the party.

The company’s advertisement unintentionally caused offence to some viewers, leading to complaints.

The politician’s remarks were interpreted as an offence to certain communities, sparking controversy.

He apologized sincerely for any offence caused by his insensitive remarks.

The team’s aggressive play resulted in multiple fouls and offences during the game.

The graffiti on the building was considered an offence against public property.

The employee was warned about using offensive language that caused offence to colleagues.

The company’s policy on discrimination ensures that no employee will face offence based on their race, gender, or religion.

The offensive social media post led to the person’s account being suspended for violating community guidelines.

The artist’s controversial artwork sparked debate about freedom of expression versus causing offence.

The coach reprimanded the player for his on-field offence, warning him of the consequences.

The use of offensive language during the debate caused tension and offence among participants.

The government implemented stricter measures to address hate crimes and racially motivated offences.

The offensive behavior of the fan led to their removal from the stadium.

The employee’s actions were deemed a breach of company policy, constituting an offence that required disciplinary action.

The school has a strict policy against bullying, and any acts of offence are dealt with immediately.

The media outlet apologized for publishing an offensive cartoon that caused public outrage.

The athlete was penalized for an intentional offence during the game.

The politician’s racially charged remarks were seen as a deliberate offence against minority communities.

The singer’s controversial music video faced criticism for promoting violence and causing offence to some viewers.

The company’s new advertisement campaign was pulled due to its offensive content.

The defendant was charged with a hate crime for committing an offence based on prejudice.

The comedian made a public statement expressing regret for any offence caused by their recent performance.

The school implemented a workshop on cultural sensitivity to prevent instances of offence among students.

The offensive graffiti on the wall was quickly removed by the city’s cleaning crew.

The internet troll posted offensive comments on social media, violating the platform’s community guidelines.

The company’s diversity training aimed to promote a respectful workplace and prevent instances of offence.

The police investigated the hate crime as an offence committed with the intention to harm and incite fear.

The offensive remarks made by the celebrity led to public backlash and calls for an apology.

The diplomat’s inappropriate comments caused diplomatic offence between the two countries.

The team’s coach emphasized the importance of fair play and avoiding unnecessary offences during the game.

The company implemented sensitivity training to ensure employees understand the impact of offensive language and behavior.

The singer issued a public apology for her offensive song lyrics, acknowledging their hurtful nature.

The offender was sentenced to community service as punishment for the minor offence.

The school organized a campaign to raise awareness about the effects of cyberbullying and online offences.

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