occasion in a sentence

Picnic is an enjoyable occasion.

We should not flatter anybody at the wrong occasion.

Devotees take holy dip on occasion of Guru Purnima.

It is a daunting task to make it a peaceful occasion.

He was the chief guest on the occasion.

We exchanged sweets on the occasion of this festival.

They staged a dance performance on this occasion.

A cultural programme was organised on the occasion.

Birthday is naturally a happy occasion for a person.

I am pleased to share this very important and auspicious occasion with you.

This is the occasion you should prove your worth.

That dress is not suitable to the occasion.

What you have said is impertinent to the occasion.

He was equal to the occasion.

His speech is not quite appropriate to the occasion.

His dress was not appropriate to the occasion.

He rose to the occasion.

The occasion calls for prompt action.

She was dressed for the occasion.

Children set off fireworks on the occasion of Diwali.

Great men always rise to the occasion and succeed in their mission.

I helped him on each occasion.

This is no occasion to cry.

His action was not proper to the occasion.

His remarks were not apposite to the occasion.

His speech was not suited to the occasion.

The preparations are not equal to the occasion.

Who has invited you on this occasion?

He made a speech suited to the occasion.

Some people use loudspeakers at a high volume on the occasion of marriages.

I was eagerly looking forward to this occasion.

He rose to the occasion in the match and changed defeat into victory.

His speech was considered to be quite apposite to the occasion.

He sang sweet songs on this occasion.

Diwali is a ceremonial occasion for Hindus.

His speech was suitable to the occasion.

He was especially invited on the occasion.

We have to maintain the solemnity of the occasion.

Sad song does not suit to such an occasion.

He made a brief speech on the occasion.