obstinate in a sentence

He was very obstinate.

Do not be obstinate.

We should sot be obstinate in conversation.

She is as obstinate as a mom.

He was obstinate, therefore he was punished.

He is obstinate also.

Don’t be bigot and obstinate.

I have found in you a man of obstinate courage.

He is very obstinate by nature.

He is a man of obstinate nature.

I am a little obstinate in music tastes.

He is stubborn and obstinate.

You are obstinate.

He is an obstinate person.

Even obstinate problems can be solved.

He was condemned due to his selfish and obstinate conduct.

He is a rule-breaker and obstinate.

He is obstinate as a mule.

He is foolish and is also obstinate.

He was obstinate.

Do not be obstinate.

He is obstinate hence there is no use to reason with him.

Not only is he foolish, but also obstinate.

He was obstinate therefore he was punished.

She is so obstinate it’s impossible to convince her.

He is a very obstinate person.

He was so obstinate to admit that he was in the wrong.

He is the most obstinate child I have ever seen.

He is obstinate in disposition.

She is an obstinate girl.

He is obstinate in his opinion.

He became more obstinate as he grew older.

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