objects in a sentence

She objects to my going there.

He clearly explained his aims and objects.

Saturn’s ring system makes the planet one of the most beautiful objects in the solar system.

Tell me the names of the objects in this room.

Nano technology is used in computers and other electronic objects.

Be calm and stop worrying about worthless objects.

Moving pictures and objects in action are easier to remember than static ones.

When the pond or lake is placid you can see clearly many objects much below the surface.

This microscope magnifies objects by times.

We found objects of the Gupta and the Maurya periods.

The presence of God can be realized in the beautiful objects of nature.

She objects to your proposal.

He advised me to keep quiet.

Learn from others and from objects of nature.

Some of these objects are placed in the Archaeological museum.

She objects to their proposal.

He has no time to take interest in objects of nature and fine arts.

This magnifying glass magnifies objects by times.

The body was drowned in the river.

My mother objects to smoking.

This magnifying glass magnifies objects by times.

We must be able to discriminate between objects and situations.

Ancient astronomers did not have instruments to help them see objects in the sky.

One can see faraway objects with a telescope.