how to use object in a sentence

I live here and don’t object to it.

I object to postponing the meeting.

He will object to my proposal.

I shall not object to your proposal.

I object to what you have just said.

This lens can magnify the object times.

He left no stone unturned to gain his object.

He will not object to my going there.

Do you object to my going to the pictures ?

Why should I object to your proposal ?

I do not object to what you say.

They’ll object to that.

I object to your remarks about me.

Our inquiry’s object is to get at the truth.

I object to your statement.

I object to your remarks.

Should we object to this proposal?

The object of my visit is to inform you that you have been selected for the job.

The same object does not give the same amount of joy all the time.

I object to your proposal.

I object at your statement

He did not object to my proposal.

I object to being called a liar.

His object was to defeat his adversary.

What is the object of the political power?

I object to his being promoted.

What was his object in writing ?

I object to writing on my walls.

I live here and don’t object to it.

I don’t object to his living here.

I object to your proposal.

What is your object in your life?

He is a man with no object in life.

I object to your remark.

May God help you in your object.

The sole object of my life is to lead a life of simplicitty.

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