now in a sentence

He is working better now.

He will have reached Mumbai by now.

It is eight now.

How are you feeling now?

What should we do now?

She is a retiree and is now on pension.

The sun is now beneath the horizon

I used to live in Austria, but now I live in Germany.

When I was a kid things were a lot different to how they are now.

It is getting more and more difficult to find the job now.

He had trudged without pause for many hours but now wanted to rest awhile.

I’m going out now.

If you don’t stop this nonsense I am leaving right now.

I was now compelled to do what I had been avoiding so far.

I want to do it now.

I’ve been in love with you for more than five years now.

I have no idea what I want to do now.

I want to sleep now.

I’m going to sleep now.

I will never interfere in your life from now onwards.

Polio vaccine is now available in hospitals.

This rule has now become null and void.

I am very busy now preparing for my exams.

Corruption is rampant now a days.

Don’t disturb me now.

It is now over.

May I play now ?

You can not now back out of this bargain.

Give me directions now ?

I can’t go now I’m too busy.

Let’s start now and work till dark.

Will you have your meal now or later?

He had started his own business and was now a very successful man.

Her hair, which had been grey at their first meeting, was now white.

Her hair was now white.

He is now a Police Inspector.

Science has now become a part and parcel of our daily life.

Have you ever thought why we end up sneezing every now and then?

There is no fear of your looking back from now on.

The road is now in a pathetic condition and full of potholes.

It is now necessary for national security .

He is now shedding crocodile tears.

This machine is now out of date.

But now she is out of danger.

The telephone is now out of order.

He is now almost as tall as his father.

He can’t walk now because he got injured in a traffic accident.

He is now in a very difficult situation.

The situation in now getting unfavorable.

Those people now had no jobs.

He doesn’t have time right now to talk to anyone.

One of the most important things you have to do right now is to carry out the plan.

Would you like your tea now or later?

Cars are now available in a wide range of prices.

I am busy now and can’t play with you.

I meet her at school now and then.

He is too busy now to talk to you.

It’s now my turn.

Everything is ready now for the party.

I’m now busy writing a book.

They visited the town every now and then.

She is now eighty years old.

That kind of dress is now in fashion.

You must be starving now after your long walk.

He likes to go to the beach now and then.

I am busy now and can’t go out.

I want you to realise that now is the time when you make or mar your life.

Last year he was a worker in a factory, but now he is self-employed.

The machine is now in operation.

The criminal is now behind bars.

We can do it either now or tomorrow.

Let us now see the results

You tend to feel like you are stuck in a deep hole right now .

Tiredness and fatigue has become a common concern now a days.

Now I am learning it by heart.

He is now gone to his final reward.

The adverb now is changed to then.

I hope you are now well.

He is coming now?

I shall do it now or I shall not do it at all.

The old man has now little energy left.

Let us now see how we can annihilate or dissolve the mind.

He is coming now?

I now realize, it hurt you more in the mind than on the body.

This is how I look at it now with the guidance of my father.

The finish line is now close.

But now I have the experience.

Even now I have to be with them while they are finalising things.

What language is being spoken now ?

A few years back he was a man of straw but now he is a rich man.

Last year they were hand and glove but now they have fallen out.

If you are looking for selecting a perfect indoor plant for your office now its time to narrow down your options.

Thats why it is more important now .

Who will help us now ?

I have finished my work now.

You may enliven your dialogue by making your characters do the same now and then.

And now it’s pouring with rain.

You have been dating your boyfriend for a few months now and everything until now seems to be fine.

Your head bumps happen every now and then.

And now I go back to the state-

And now it would be very pleas ant for me

An answer to this is now ready.

An opinion has now become established

And now I address myself to my task

From now on, I’ll check it myself.

At first I didn’t like English, but now I do.

She is now living in Europe, but Mexico is her homeland.

Your body is now in a state of relaxation.

It is now a heap of ruins.

They were humiliated by him every now and then.

But now I can follow them.

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