What is the Noun of Wonderful?

The Noun of Wonderful is Wonder. Example Sentences of Wonder No wonder he is so angry. No wonder he was arrested. I wonder what’s on her mind. I do wonder – why is he late? I wonder why he didn’t go to the concert. I can only wonder if this is the same for everyone … Read more

What is the Noun of Eagerly?

The Noun of Eagerly is Eagerness. Example Sentences of Eagerness He was all eagerness to see her. Dear Uncle, You cannot imagine with what eagerness I waited for you on my birthday. His eagerness to make quick money landed him in trouble.

What is the Noun of Beautiful?

The Noun of Beautiful is Beauty. Example Sentences of Beauty Her beauty is indescribable. He wants to enjoy the beauty of the jungle. She runs a beauty shop. Some say the beauty is more important than virtue. My mother has gone to the beauty shop. I was simply entranced by the beauty of her face. … Read more