nothing in a sentence

She said nothing.

I have nothing further to say.

A man who is lazy can achieve nothing in life.

I absolutely know nothing about your background.

Nothing succeeds like success.

Holding grudges can only make us unhappy and nothing else.

There was nothing extraordinary about it.

There is nothing which you can’t do with the help of God.

Gloominess can attract nothing other than gloominess.

Courtesy is nothing more than consideration for others.

Without character a man is nothing but a beast.

Care will cure nothing.

We should conceal nothing from our parents.

Nothing can hinder me from my course.

Nothing can disappoint me.

Nothing can daunt me.

Nothing great is even achieved without enthusiasm.

I can do nothing more for you.

She had nothing to do at home.

I know nothing about him.

His savings dwindled to almost nothing.

There is nothing new in his ideology.

My nose is completely blocked with a cold and I can smell nothing.

Unless you help me I can do nothing.

He smiled and said nothing.

I shall hold back nothing from you.

The smoke being thick, nothing could be seen.

There’s nothing suitable for children to read in this book.

Have you nothing to repent of?

I know nothing of his quarrel with her.

It is nothing else but pride.

I have nothing useful to do.

He talks much but does nothing.

He did nothing but to play.

I have nothing to do with her.

Almost nothing is within your reach.

But nothing could be done at this stage.

He had done nothing.

If you save nothing against a rainy day, you may come to grief.

What should a person do when he has nothing to, say ?

He talked of nothing else this morning.

I promised him nothing.

These things cost nothing at all.

I know you have nothing but kind wishes for me.

They are elected by the support of the villagers, but give them nothing except sweet words.

There’s nothing to make such a fuss about.

There is nothing to be had at that store.

Poverty seemed to have nothing to do with them in those days.

He is nothing but a liar.

He had nothing to say

He is nothing more than an egoist.

There was nothing that I could do but wait for him.

She made nothing of her opportunities.

We have nothing in common.

We could see nothing but fog.

I’ve nothing to give.

That child did nothing but cry all day.

The matter is nothing more than an accident.

You know nothing of the world.

I have nothing on this weekend.

I have nothing to add on my part.

I will keep nothing back from you.

I know nothing concerning the lost letter.

There’s nothing to be done about it.

There was nothing but a desk in his room.

He did nothing but read newspapers.

He can see nothing without his glasses.

He said nothing as to my request.

He said nothing as to the time.

They have nothing to do with the subject we are discussing.

They do nothing but complain.

She knows nothing about the birds and the bees.

She has nothing to do with the matter.

She is nothing to him.

My mother did nothing but weep.

There is nothing so important as friendship.

The curry was nothing special.

What that fortuneteller said yesterday is nothing to be concerned about.

He seems to think nothing of telling a lie.

He could do nothing but give up his plan against his will.

She acted as if she knew nothing about it.

It’s nothing serious.

He did nothing out of the way.

He made it clear that he had nothing to do with the matter.

He looked as if nothing had happened.

He is nothing more than a clerk.

He is nothing but a businessman.

He went on reading the book as if nothing had happened.

He did nothing but complain about his job.

He made nothing of her success.

I have nothing to complain of the conclusion.

There was nothing wrong with their ability.

There was nothing for it but to give up my plan.

I want nothing but health.

I have nothing to say.

All my efforts are nothing in comparison with yours.

I have nothing particular to do.

I have nothing to do with the scandal.

I am nothing but a poor peasant.

There is nothing like sleep.

We can do nothing but wait for a while until the seats are available.

I know nothing as to where he is now.

I’ve got nothing to say to him.

His lecture on chemistry was nothing but torture.

What he said was nothing less than a threat.

His composition leaves nothing to be desired.

I have nothing to say in this regard.

This accident has nothing to do with me.

This composition leaves nothing to be desired.

I can make nothing of this quiz.

I did nothing out of the ordinary.

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