not only in a sentence

He is not only intelligent, but also sympathetic.

They are held in high esteem not only in India but everywhere in  the world.

Nature is not only a source of joy, it is also a source of education.

He is not only a statesman but also a man of letters.

She is not only beautiful but intelligent also.

I speak not only English but also Hindi.

She is not only intelligent but also beautiful.

She is not only wise but also beautiful.

She is not only foolish but also careless.

He not only pitied him but helped him.

He not only made a promise, but also kept it.

God is not only the protector but also the destroyer.

One should respect not only one’s own parents but also others.

He is not only a doctor but also a social worker.

He not only helped me with advice, but lent me some money also.

He is good not only in studies but in extra-curricular activities as well.

Strikes cause trouble not only to the public, but also to strikers.

He ill-treats not only her but the children also.

Tagore wrote not only poems but also plays.

He is not only strong but also brave.

Stubble burning is not only injurious to human health due to environmental hazards involved with it, the process is also harmful for the farmers .

Meditation not only helps in dealing with stress better but also builds a positive outlook towards life in general.

Stress not only affects the mind and its power but harms the whole body.

Water is not only hot but boiling.

These are simple exercises which will not only reduce side fat but as well as tone your body.

I read not only his novels but also his poems.

She speaks not only English but also French.

She is not only beautiful but also amiable.

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