nostalgic in a sentence

He got nostalgic about the film.

They made me feel deeply nostalgic.

This location made me quite nostalgic.

He struck a nostalgic note by reminiscing about his college life.

He became quite nostalgic on seeing his best friend’s pictures.

I could not forget this nostalgic visit.

We would visit all these places together and also share some nostalgic memories of our college years.

It will also give us the opportunity to get together and revive some nostalgic memories of school days.

It would be great to share some nostalgic memories of our college years after such a long time.

He feels nostalgic about the place where he lived as a child.

It will give us the opportunity to get together and revive some nostalgic memories of school days.

Of course these memories are so nostalgic!

It was nostalgic to see the place where I had spent three years.

It drives me nostalgic.

He gets nostalgic on visiting his alma mater.

I often get nostalgic remembering the cherished moments which I shared with her.

The orchestra struck up nostalgic music.

She indulged herself in nostalgic memories.

The old song playing on the radio filled her with a nostalgic longing for her younger days.

Opening the box of old toys brought back a flood of nostalgic memories from his childhood.

The sound of rain on the roof filled him with a sense of nostalgic calm, reminding him of cozy evenings spent at home.

The vintage clothing store evoked a sense of nostalgic charm, transporting customers back to a bygone era.

Looking at old photographs of friends and loved ones sparked a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia, reminding her of cherished moments and people who were no longer there.

The old, weathered book held a certain nostalgic appeal, transporting the reader to a different time and place with its yellowed pages and familiar scent.

The taste of homemade apple pie filled her with a nostalgic longing for her grandmother’s comforting baking.

The sight of an old typewriter in an antique shop brought back nostalgic memories of her father typing away on a similar machine.

Walking into her childhood home after many years, she was flooded with nostalgic emotions as familiar scents and sights greeted her.

The vintage record player and crackling vinyl records created a nostalgic atmosphere, taking him back to simpler times.

The handwritten letters she discovered in a dusty attic stirred up nostalgic feelings of a bygone era when communication was slower and more personal.

Hearing the laughter of children playing in the park filled her with a nostalgic yearning for the carefree days of her own childhood.

The old black-and-white photographs displayed on the wall captured a sense of nostalgic charm, preserving precious moments frozen in time.

The familiar sound of an ice cream truck’s jingle sparked a rush of nostalgic memories of chasing after it in the summer heat as a child.

The sight of a classic car cruising down the street brought a wave of nostalgic admiration for the elegance and craftsmanship of a bygone automotive era.

The worn-out teddy bear she found in the attic triggered a flood of nostalgic emotions, reminding her of the comfort and security it once provided.

The old movie theater, with its marquee and vintage architecture, evoked a sense of nostalgic charm and reminded moviegoers of a different cinematic era.

The familiar scent of a certain perfume instantly transported her back to a specific moment in her past, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia.

Revisiting her childhood playground brought a wave of nostalgic joy as she swung on the swings and climbed the jungle gym, reliving treasured memories.

The vintage photographs displayed in an art gallery stirred up a deep sense of nostalgic longing for a time she never experienced but felt a connection to.

Opening a dusty old trunk in the attic revealed a treasure trove of nostalgic items, such as handwritten letters, old postcards, and trinkets from the past.

The sight of an old, tattered map from a family road trip brought a wave of nostalgic excitement, recalling the adventures and discoveries made along the way.

The familiar aroma of a home-cooked meal wafting from the kitchen filled the air with nostalgic warmth and reminded her of family gatherings and shared meals.

Stumbling upon a box of childhood toys in the attic unleashed a flood of nostalgic memories, transporting her back to hours of imaginative play.

The crackling sound of a vinyl record playing her favorite song sparked a rush of nostalgic emotions, transporting her back to memorable moments of her youth.

Rediscovering a favorite childhood book on the shelf brought back a rush of nostalgic joy, as she eagerly flipped through the pages and revisited the beloved characters.

The sight of a vintage camera on display at a photography exhibition evoked a sense of nostalgic curiosity, reminding her of the joy of capturing moments on film.

The sound of a distant ice cream truck’s jingle instantly sparked nostalgic cravings for the frozen treats of summers long gone.

Unearthing a collection of old ticket stubs and concert programs stirred up a wave of nostalgic sentiment, reminding her of memorable experiences and music-filled nights.

The gentle rustling of autumn leaves and the crisp scent of the air filled her with a nostalgic longing for cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, and the beauty of the changing seasons.

The sight of an old handwritten letter tied with a ribbon evoked a sense of nostalgic romance, harkening back to a time of heartfelt communication and handwritten sentiments.

Revisiting the neighborhood park where she used to play as a child brought a rush of nostalgic happiness as she watched a new generation of children enjoying the same swings and slides she once did.

The sound of an old clock ticking in the background created a nostalgic ambiance, transporting her back to the comforting familiarity of her grandparents’ home.

The vintage fashion trends making a comeback filled her with nostalgic excitement as she reminisced about the styles she used to wear in her younger years.

The worn-out baseball glove found in the attic carried a nostalgic scent of leather and memories of playing catch with her father in the backyard.

The taste of a homemade recipe passed down through generations brought a rush of nostalgic flavors, connecting her to her family’s culinary traditions.

The sight of an old family photograph album spread across the table sparked hours of nostalgic storytelling, sharing cherished memories with loved ones.

The sound of an ice cream truck’s melody drifting through the neighborhood triggered a nostalgic longing for carefree summer days and the anticipation of sweet treats.

The vintage vinyl record store with its shelves of classic albums created a nostalgic haven for music enthusiasts, offering a treasure trove of timeless melodies.

Discovering a collection of old handwritten love letters evoked a sense of nostalgic romance, delving into the emotions and sentiments of a bygone era.

The sight of an old-fashioned, hand-cranked ice cream maker stirred up nostalgic memories of gathering with family and churning homemade ice cream on hot summer afternoons.

The nostalgic crackle of a campfire and the smell of roasted marshmallows brought back memories of camping trips, singing songs, and sharing stories under the starry sky.

Synonyms for Nostalgic

regretful , wistful , longing , homesick , evocative , soft , emotional , romantic , drippy , lonesome

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