non-violence in a sentence

Mahatma Gandhi loved non-violence.

Mahatma Gandhi is an apostle of non-violence.

We should follow the path of non-violence and work hard to achieve new heights in our life.

It is an emblem of non-violence.

Does non-violence really work?

I am a staunch supporter of non-violence.

Non-violence can be learnt.

Gandhi always stressed on the power of truth and non-violence.

Buddhism propagates non-violence.

The philosophy of peace and non-violence is the need of the hour.

Mahatma Gandhi was an apostle of peace and non-violence.

We need to train our youth to promote non-violence.

He believed in non-violence.

Gandhi ji stood for non-violence.

Does non-violence really work?

Mahatma Gandhi Ji showed us the path of non-violence.

I respect Gandhiji a lot and totally believe in his ideology of non-violence.

Mahatma Gandhi Ji remained steadfast in his faith in non-violence till the end.

Mahatma Gandhi devoted his entire life to the struggle for non-violence and peace.

All religions preach non-violence and peace.

Mahatma Gandhi Ji preached non-violence all over the world.

We, should therefore, adopt Gandhi’s principle of non-violence in our life.

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