no longer in a sentence

We can no longer afford to play it by the ear.

We can wait no longer.

I can bear this pain no longer.

I can no longer put up with her insolence.

He can no longer earn his bread.

He no longer remains dependent on somebody.

The air is no longer pure and clean.

It is no longer a matter of wrong or right.

At last I became so exhausted that I could walk no longer.

Temperature goes down and heat is no longer scorching’.

People no longer remain sociable.

Smallpox no longer breaks out as an epidemic.

At last I became so exhausted that I could walk no longer.

The question is so important that we can no longer sleep over it.

But I am sorry to say that I am finding it to be a dry subject I am no longer interested in it.

People living in big cities no longer breathe the fresh air.

I can no longer bear with his rudeness.

The air is no longer pure.

How diabetes affects the memory is no longer a mystery.

The contest is no longer important, only winning is, by hook or by crook.

Are you no longer in control of your mind?

You are no longer safe .

You are no longer a strong leader:

He is no longer in no need of it.

It is no longer a matter of wrong or right.

I am no longer upset.

This type of punishment is no longer justified in any part of the globe.

To be honest with you, he no longer needs your services.

We are no longer treated as slaves.

Currently she is no longer a partner to this business.

Facebook is no longer just a medium to stay connected it is now deep rooted into our social lives.

Holi is no longer the innocent sport played with natural dyes and colours.

It’s no longer a secret.

Men no longer behind women in fashion.

After weeks of training, she could no longer feel the ache in her muscles as she tackled the challenging obstacle course.

The old bridge was no longer safe to cross due to its deteriorating structure.

He realized he could no longer ignore the signs of burnout and decided to take a break from work.

The once bustling marketplace was now a quiet and abandoned area, as the town’s economy had collapsed, and traders were no longer present.

With advancements in technology, handwritten letters are no longer the primary means of communication.

The old computer was no longer capable of running the latest software updates, so he decided to invest in a new one.

She used to be terrified of public speaking, but with practice, she found that she was no longer overwhelmed by anxiety.

The company’s outdated practices were no longer competitive in the modern market, prompting them to undergo a major overhaul.

After years of struggling, he finally made the difficult decision to end the toxic relationship and move on to a healthier, happier life.

The once-vibrant garden was now overgrown and neglected, showing that it was no longer receiving proper care.

The historical artifact was no longer on display in the museum, as it had been temporarily removed for restoration.

The company’s policies changed, and employees were no longer required to work overtime on weekends.

The children were excited to discover that they were no longer limited to a small play area but had a spacious park to explore.

The once-popular restaurant was now deserted, as it had lost its appeal and could no longer attract customers.

He realized he was no longer passionate about his career and decided to pursue a new path that aligned with his interests.

The region’s climate had shifted, and what was once a fertile farmland was no longer suitable for agriculture due to changing weather patterns.

With the medical advancements, the disease that was once considered incurable was no longer a death sentence.

The controversial policy was no longer in effect after public outcry led to its repeal.

The elderly woman’s eyesight had deteriorated over the years, and she could no longer read without the help of magnifying glasses.

The city’s iconic skyscraper was no longer the tallest building in the world, as new architectural marvels had surpassed its height.

With advancements in renewable energy sources, some remote villages are no longer dependent on fossil fuels for electricity.

The restaurant had once been known for its exceptional service, but under new management, it was no longer up to the same standard.

The company’s outdated manual processes were no longer efficient in a digital age, leading to a decrease in productivity.

The once turbulent river had slowed down over the years and was no longer as dangerous for boaters.

After weeks of treatment, the patient was relieved to find that the excruciating pain in their knee was no longer present.

The fashion trend that was popular in the 90s had made a comeback, showing that it was no longer considered outdated.

The neighborhood that was once known for its crime rate had undergone a transformation and was no longer considered unsafe.

The once divisive issue was now a topic of common agreement, indicating that it was no longer a source of contention.

The circus, which had entertained generations, was no longer in operation due to changing entertainment preferences.

The company’s restrictive policies on remote work were no longer applicable, as they embraced a more flexible approach.

After the merger, the small local business was no longer independent but part of a larger corporation.

The city’s historic landmark was no longer visible due to the dense fog that had rolled in.

With the renovation, the old building was no longer an eyesore but a charming addition to the neighborhood.

The children, who had once been inseparable friends, were no longer as close after going their separate ways for college.

The dramatic shift in consumer preferences meant that the product that was once a bestseller was no longer in demand.

The environmental regulations put in place had led to significant improvements in air quality, and the city was no longer plagued by smog.

The patient’s symptoms had subsided, and the illness was no longer as severe thanks to the timely medical intervention.

The quaint bookstore that had been struggling was revitalized with a new owner, and it was no longer facing closure.

The road that was once impassable due to heavy snowfall was now clear, and vehicles could travel freely.

The political party that held a majority for years was no longer in power after the recent election.

The popular travel destination that used to be crowded with tourists was no longer as busy due to travel restrictions.

The clothing brand that was once associated with luxury had lost its prestige and was no longer considered high-end.

The mystery surrounding the ancient artifact was no longer a secret, as researchers finally deciphered its meaning.

The tense atmosphere in the office had eased after a conflict resolution workshop, and employees were no longer on edge.

The strict dress code at the company was no longer enforced, allowing employees to express their personal style.

The historical building that had fallen into disrepair was no longer an eyesore, thanks to a community restoration project.

The infectious disease that had spread rapidly was now under control, and the community was no longer at risk.

The project that had faced delays was finally completed, and the team members were no longer working overtime.

The remote village that had lacked access to clean water was no longer facing this challenge after the installation of a well.

The newspaper that had been a reliable source of information was no longer circulating due to financial constraints.

The strict travel restrictions that were put in place during the pandemic were no longer necessary as cases decreased.

The toxic work environment that had caused turnover and unhappiness was now a thing of the past, and employees were no longer stressed.

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